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Swallowing E-Liquid?: 3 Ways to Prevent It From Happening

Moving away from conventional cigarettes is an excellent way to live a healthier lifestyle. However, an even better decision would be to shift to electronic cigarettes. Many people are becoming more accepting of the rising trend of vapers, which positively responds to modern technologies for vaping. Unfortunately, its rise in popularity can mean the rise of a difficult learning curve for newcomers.

The danger of swallowing e-liquid

Swallowing our e-liquid is no laughing matter since it can be hazardous to your health when ingested in large quantities. Although it won’t be lethal, it can cause discomfort that may linger for a long time. The leading causes for accidental swallowing of e-liquid come from leakages from your cartridges or chambers. However, you may also end up swallowing e-liquid if you mishandle your e-cigarette. 

For this reason, many newcomers to vaping end up harming themselves or having a bad experience with vaping.

In this article, we will share three ways to prevent yourself from accidentally swallowing e-liquid.

1. Use a napkin to absorb excess e-liquid

Overfilling a vape rank is a common mistake among novice vapers, which commonly happens when you’re refilling your tank. This causes the liquid to leak and enter your mouth while you’re vaping. It will be a waste to throw the excess e-liquid, which is why you must know how to reduce it properly.

Using a napkin or paper towel, place it on your e-cig’s tank. Let the juices run through it until the e-liquid drops down at the right level. After removing enough liquids, you should double-check if your vape device’s other components are soggy. You may have to detach your vape device’s mouthpiece and other parts for individual cleaning. Remember to clean your tank thoroughly before you place it back to your vape kit’s mouthpiece.

2. Handle your vape device with care

Although e-cigarettes are durable devices, it’s best to avoid being rough with it. When you pull your e-cigarette too hard, you may prevent its coil from vaporising the liquid at a fast enough rate. This causes excess juice to enter your mouthpiece and end up in your mouth. It’s a “flooding” effect that affects your coil and can damage it permanently.

When using your e-cigarettes, it’s best to be cautious about handling its more vulnerable components. Remember to be careful about operating any vape device, whether it’s a portable or desktop vaporiser.

3. Use your e-cig in the right position

You won’t score any points for looking adventurous if you try to vape in odd positions. There’s a reason why e-cigs have a particular shape and form. Your e-cig must be in a horizontal position to ensure that you won’t end up swallowing e-liquid. As a general rule, position your e-cigarette in between two fingers so that you won’t lose grip on it. The ruling on your vape device’s position can also apply to desktop vaporisers.


Getting the hang of vaping may be challenging for newcomers, especially if you’re not previously a smoker. Although the learning curve may be a little steep for the first few weeks, you’ll eventually get used to handling yourself and your vape kit. As you become more experienced, you can try out different mods and builds to give yourself a unique vaping experience.

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