The Basic Flavour Guide When You Want to Mix Vape Juice - What to Know -

The Basic Flavour Guide When You Want to Mix Vape Juice - What to Know

Using the same flavours every time you vape can make for a boring experience over time. As a vaper, you will want to taste different flavours. However, your local vape shop may not always have them in stock, or they may not even be available in the market.

If you’re in such a situation, know that you can mix different flavours and try something new that you haven’t had a taste of yet. You might even discover an entirely new flavour! However, if you’re just starting to mix flavours or are about to get into it, you will want to have an idea of the best flavours that blend together because it’s possible to end up with poor mixes.

In this article, we will share with you the best e-juice flavours you should try mixing:

  • Coffee and Menthol: You’re probably familiar with peppermint mocha. This is similar but in a vape juice format instead. Since mint in coffee is a tried and tested recipe already, this option is a safe and easy mix since coffee and menthol flavours are always available in the market.
  • Menthol and Green Apple: This is also a mix that won’t let you down since fruity flavours blend well with menthol. Green apple is a must-try since it’s very popular among vapers who like fruit-flavoured juices, but any other fruit juice will still work.
  • Vanilla and any pastry or dessert juice: Vanilla’s flavour profile is very versatile as it has a balance of rich, creamy, and sweet taste. Pairing Vanilla with any other flavour will produce a good flavour. If you want a fail-safe mix, most vapers suggest combining Vanilla and any other pastry flavoured juice, such as custard and cheesecake, or dessert flavoured ones, such as chocolate.
  • S’mores: This is a favourite among many juice mixers. S’mores, just like the desert itself, gives you a taste of both the mild bittersweet taste of chocolate and the powdery fluff texture of mallows. Mixing marshmallow and chocolate should be enough to get this flavour. If you want to have a more accurate flavour profile, then add Grahams or anything cookie flavoured and vape away that sweet taste of the delicious campfire snack.
  • Banana Split: Banana splits are a go-to dessert for many people, and you’re probably one of them. Well, now you can even use it as a vape juice! By mixing banana and vanilla ice cream together, you’ll get a banana split. For an added twist, mix in chocolate to get a hint of that chocolate syrup taste.
  • Raspberry Green Tea: Green Tea has a mild, well-balanced flavour. Raspberry, on the other hand, has a stronger and distinct sweet taste among other berries. You might think that they won’t go well with each other, but the contrast between the two flavours actually makes for a wonderful vaping experience. Add some punch by mixing in peach or blueberry to the recipe.


Mixing e-juice is part of the fun in the vaping experience. There are many flavours you can try to mix and experiment with, but remember that there will be times you’ll end up with something not desirable, which makes it more exciting. You can always try new recipes by mixing different flavours, even the ones that are unlikely to go well. Who knows? You might even discover the brand new pinnacle juice of Vaping.

If you’re in the UK and looking for quality e-juices to mix, get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you find the right ingredients for your e-juice recipe!