The Differences between the Atomizer, Cartomizer, and Clearomizer - What to Know -

The Differences between the Atomizer, Cartomizer, and Clearomizer - What to Know

If you consider yourself to be a serious vaper, you might be considering customizing your own vape device to enhance your experience. Even if you're a beginner, knowing what kind of vape device to purchase will undoubtedly help in terms of a positive vaping adventure. Whichever type of vaper you are, knowing the differences between an atomizer, a clearomizer, and a cartomizer will help you decide how you want your perfect vape device, also known as a vaporizer, to be.

Do you know the differences between these three? Do you know which ones to choose? If not, we will go into greater detail regarding their differences below:

The Atomizer

An atomizer is the main component of any vaporizer. It consists of two elements, namely the coil and the wick. The coil acts as a heater that heats up and vaporizes any liquid that is in the wick, using up power in the process.

Speaking of power, the strength of an atomizer is measured in terms of ohms, a measurement of resistance. That means the lower the ohms, the more power you will need to heat the coils.

When you're out looking at atomizers, you'll run into two types. The first type will be an atomizer that you can dispose of and replace each time. The second type is an atomizer that is integrated into the vaporizer itself.

The Cartomizer

The cartomizer was one of the first-ever vaporizers to be introduced in the market. However, it was more so made for e-cigarettes.

If you want to use a cartomizer, you'd have to use a specific foam that's been soaked with the e-liquid. Inside the foam are little coils that are used to heat the e-liquid for vaping. Because of this, when a foam goes dry, you will start to get burnt taste when you take a hit. This is essentially signalling to you that the foam is dry.

There are cartomizers out there as well that allows you to attach a new reservoir of e-liquid, making them refillable. However, most cartomizers are meant to be thrown away when used up.

The Clearomizer

When it was introduced back in 2009, the clearomizer was designed after the cartomizer. Immediately, it was a hit among vapers as it combined the coil, wick, and vape juice chamber all into one.

The clearomizer is similar to the atomizer, albeit slightly different. This is because they're made of clear plastic or glass to allow you to know whether or not you need to refill the tank with more e-liquid. Clearomizers also have different ways to draw e-liquid into the coils. Some wicks work using gravity to pull liquid into the coils while other wicks utilize capillary action, meaning that the water goes against gravity up the wick.


We hope you've learned something new regarding the three vape device types. Now, you can go out and grab yourself the right vaporizer that'll serve your needs, or even custom build your own to take your hobby to a whole new level!

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