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How Do You Determine the Shelf Life of Your Vape Juice?

The juice for vape devices has a shelf life. Every bottle of vape juice should have a date on the label or the bottom that indicates when it was created. like what you might see in food or beverages.

Manufacturers or distributors of e-liquids are not bound by any laws limiting the length, display, or promotion of expiration dates.

The expiration date of an e-liquid may depend on the kind of ingredients it contains. The following sections will shed light on these components.

PG E-liquid

Over time, propylene glycol (PG) aids in preventing deterioration. As a result, vape fluids with a higher PG level can endure for longer. However, this again depends on handling and storing the e-liquid properly.

VG E-liquid

In contrast to PG, vegetable glycerine (VG) vape juice does not prevent deterioration over time. This does not imply that it has passed its expiration date any earlier. This is because if both e-liquids contain nicotine, they will reach their expiration dates simultaneously.

Proper Storage of Vape Juice

One of the greatest methods to guarantee that your vape juice stays as fresh as possible during its lifecycle is to store it properly. Your e-liquid should not be exposed to direct sunlight, extremely high or low temperatures, or excessive oxygen levels. 

A dark, room-temperature cabinet is the ideal location for your vape juice. Some vapers prefer to keep their e-liquid in the refrigerator if it’s a hot summer. This is a nice area to store things because it’s dark and cool.

The best suggestion is to keep your vape juice bottles tightly closed while not in use and away from heat sources like radiators, ovens, and window sills.

Consumption of Vape Juice

The amount of vaping truly determines how long vape juice lasts after ingestion. Additionally, the temperature and hence the wattage you vape at play a significant role.

You might rapidly use up 60 mL in a week if you vape at high temperatures. An average amount of vaping between 50 and 100 W could use 30 mL of juice each week. Fewer consumption results from lower wattage.

The Liquid in the Vaporizer Tank

How long will your e-juice keep working in a tank, pod, or cartridge? The type of juice, the tank, as well as its use and storage, all have a role in this.

Realistically, you shouldn’t keep the juice for longer than five days. It will typically have been too long and start tasting bad at this stage. Too much time without using a tank causes the coil to overflow and begin to leak. 

The tank or coil determines how much and when. Additionally, some juices can cause the plastic and even some glass tanks to crack.

E-Liquid Going Bad

There are a few telltale indications that will help you determine if your e-liquid has passed its expiration date. You’ll first notice a change in flavour or an absence of flavour in your juice. This would also impact the aroma of your vape juice in the bottle.

A change in the colour of your juice is another sign. Your juice will gradually get darker as it is exposed to oxygen over time. If it becomes noticeably darker than anything you have previously seen, it is probably past its prime.


Vape juice decreases in quality over time, and the worst-case scenario is that it either loses its flavour entirely or doesn’t taste at all. You might not smell it, and the nicotine dose and level won’t be the same.

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