The Shortfill: The Vaping Hack You Need to Know Today

Many smokers nowadays choose vaping because of its ease, flavour variety, and nicotine or CBD alternatives. Vaping, indeed, has not just become a habit but may also become a lifestyle choice for many. Thus, there is great reason for all of us to expect fresh opinions after unanticipated implementation of significant legal changes (affecting vapers' favourite vape juice strains and variants) take place.

However, with a little creativity, smokers and vapers alike can actually make changes while still abiding by the law. This is something you may want to hear more about. The modification is simple: mixing your e-liquid with a small amount of nicotine. 

Read on to learn more about the shortfill and its function in keeping vapers satisfied and smoking nicotine legal.

A Brief History of the Shortfill

Changes may be inconvenient for all vapers. One example is the Tobacco Products Directive of 2017. The maximum size of e-liquid bottles was limited to 10ml with a nicotine content of 20mg/ml or 2%, and the maximum capacity of cartridge tanks was limited to 2ml.

As a result of this insignificant adjustment, the UK's e-liquid sector was compelled to phase out certain varieties and cut costs. They sparked the development of new vape carts and juices while halting the production of a slew of others, significantly harming the vaping business and its customers. Their fury was understandable, but they had to accept and live with this local rule at first.

In this case, though, a legal and smart e-liquid hack arose.

The Shortfill as “The Hack”

With the growing sophistication of smoking laws in the UK, vapers then found a way around the limits. The shortfill was created as a result of a local technicality that vapers took advantage of. The shortfill, then, was known as a bigger e-liquid bottle with a capacity of 50ml or greater.

Because of one of these technicalities, zero-nicotine vape juice is exempt from TPD testing. It was established that nicotine-free vape juice will be manufactured in compliance with UK standards. This allowed regular smokers to switch to vaping habits instead, claiming that it might be the healthier choice for all.

Moreover, vapers then learned that it is possible to add a substance into their shortfills: A nicotine concentration permitted by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Using a Shortfill Today

With your 50ml capacity shortfill, fill the bottle up to 40ml with your nicotine-free juice from your favoured vape juice lab. This will leave you with about 10ml left of space in your bottle. With the remaining space, pour in 10ml of the allowed nicotine concentration to make a full bottle of regulated e-liquid. With this blend, you can consume (or rather, smoke) nicotine at regulated amounts.

Additional nicotine liquid shots in concentrations of 20mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, and 3mg are available, and shortfill bottles hold up to 200ml, allowing you to mix your concentrates.

This simple hack allows local vapers to continue vaping as usual, but safely and legally in controlled amounts. 


The best thing about the shortfill is that it gives vapers and smokers a sense of freedom, but in responsible ways. Now, nobody needs to be fully restricted. Instead, as they use the shortfill, they can enjoy the different flavours of smoking with or without nicotine, but in much more ideal amounts.

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