Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Vape Battery

A variety of demands are placed on various vape batteries as a result of the large variety of vaping equipment. Cigalike devices have a closed system with the battery housed inside the gadget. A vape pen’s battery is frequently the same and is permanently housed inside the device.

Because this sort of battery’s output is fixed, your battery life will depend on a variety of factors, including how you use your vape device, how you store it, and how you charge it.

Larger devices called vape mods typically have detachable batteries; they are more expensive, can be customised to some extent, and frequently have control over the battery’s power output.

Because it takes longer for the battery to reach a temperature high enough to transform thicker e-liquids like those that favour vegetable glycerine into an aerosol, vape mods are frequently utilised for these types of e-liquids. The lifespan of your vape battery will be shortened as a result of the higher power output.

Follow the helpful advice below to maintain the good condition of your vape battery.

Battery Charging

There are several considerations to make when charging your battery. Find the instructions that the manufacturer should have provided on how to use the gadget to charge your battery.

If your device is not intended to be used while charging, charging and using it simultaneously warms the battery from both ends, overstresses the battery, and may even cause a short circuit. They should be able to show you how long it will take to charge your gadget completely.

Lithium ion batteries, which are used in the majority of vaping devices, can be hazardous when they short circuit since this can cause anything from smoking without ignition to a full-on explosion. Short-circuited batteries should be avoided at all costs.

These systems use specially formulated batteries that have undergone in-situ testing, which ensures that they will function with all of the refills and other parts of the closed system.

Storage for E-Cigarette Batteries

Another approach to increase battery life is to store your battery properly. In order to prevent the battery from warping, which could cause a short circuit, it is best to store the battery after it has fully charged, keeping it out of the sun and away from severe temperatures.

For maximum safety, think about storing any additional batteries in a plastic box, a protective pouch that keeps the parts apart, and a cold, dark space far from heat sources like radiators.

Maintaining a spare battery on hand and alternating between the two distributes the stress among the batteries, making it a practical strategy to ensure that you never run out of power while also extending the life of the batteries. 

For all types of vape devices, this is a fantastic idea; just bear in mind to rotate your batteries because sitting them idle might lower their performance.

Keep your vape device and batteries separate from other metal objects as well. If they make the wrong kind of contact with the battery, they might cause a short circuit.


The lifespan of your vape battery can be significantly increased by regularly maintaining and caring for your equipment. 

It makes sense to wipe down larger gadgets after refilling, but cleaning the individual components thoroughly once a week is actually necessary to maintain your equipment safe and functional.

By opting for a simple device, you can avoid a lot of hassle in this situation. The cigalike and small pod-style devices’ batteries cannot be removed from their casings, which lowers the risk of the battery being exposed to moisture. 

Because you won’t be filling a tank, these devices use prefilled cartridges, minimising the chance of leakage and eliminating the potential of spills.

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