What You Have to know about the E-Juice PG/VG Ratios


Different kinds of vapers occasionally overlook the "base" of their e-liquid — propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or a combination. This is why it’s important to know that choosing the proper PG/VG ratio is just as critical for throat hit and vapour generation as determining the best voltage. Without further ado, read on to discover what you must learn about the e-juice PG/VG ratios.

The Properties of PG and VG

Each e-liquid base offers a particular vaping effect. By "carrying" other liquid components, it affects flavour, throat hit, and vapour generation. While both PG and VG bases are commonly safe, some people may still be allergic to propylene glycol. Thus, these vapers may demand VG-based e-liquid.

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)

  • Because of its non-natural constituents, PG is a non-toxic, flavourless synthetic liquid with a longer shelf life. It has a deeper tone (a major reason why vapers occasionally experience throat irritation). Greater voltages are required to create vapour at higher temperatures, resulting in less vapour on the inhale, thinner clouds on the exhale, and a burnt flavour if the vaporizer's voltage setting is not maximized.

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

  • VG has a shorter shelf life due to its organic content and thicker viscosity. It creates more vapour with less throat hit than PG as an e-liquid foundation, resulting in a more pleasurable inhale and the massive clouds that many vapers enjoy inhaling while doing tricks or cloud chasing.

    Understanding VG/PG Ratios

    Because it is thinner, PG absorbs quickly through wicks and does not clog atomizer coils. More frequent cleaning is required due to the accumulation of viscous VG on coils, wicks, and other components. Some vintage clearomizers with small coils will not work with VG liquid. Many vapers choose VG juice with rebuildable atomizers. Sub-ohm tanks can handle VG-based liquids and greater voltages.

    The Function of PG and VG

    Initially, several prominent e-juice makers used PG bases in their goods and offered VG e-liquids to people who were sensitive to PG. They rapidly discovered that combining PG and VG allowed them to blend the greatest features of each chemical, giving vapers a variety of e-juice options. 

    Choosing your own e-liquid gives vapers control. Certain PG/VG ratios will work best with your vaporizer, and different ratios will be preferred for different flavour families; high-VG juice mixed with multiple flavours will take longer to steep, and the majority of high-nicotine concentrates and "interesting" flavours will not be available in a VG suspension. 

    Most people begin experimenting with PG/VG ratios of 70/30 or 50/50.

    Applications Using the PG/VG Ratio

    Now, let’s break down the different PG/VG ratios:

  • 100% VG (Max VG): 
  • If you are allergic to PG or want to chase clouds, go for 100% VG (Max VG). Sweet VG has a detrimental impact on flavours and raises worries about equipment maintenance.

  • 80% VG/20% PG: (80/20)
  • This ratio produces a light throat hit and dense vapour; the flavour is influenced by the sweetness of the VG. In this case, too much VG may clog coils and wicks.

  • 70% VG/30% PG: (70/30) 
  • This level is great for vapers who like a lot of vapour and a strong throat hit. 30/70 results in a smooth inhale and enormous exhale clouds. Individuals there believe they have the best of both worlds.

  • 50% VG/50% PG: (50/50)
  • This is a fantastic place to start experimenting. When inhaled, there is a perceptible but not overpowering bite. 70/30 was formerly the industry standard, but it is now the exception.

  • 20% PG/80% VG: (20/80)
  • This combination produces more vapour while having less of an impact on the throat.

  • 100% PG (Max PG)
  • E-liquid with a 100% propylene glycol base has the strongest throat punch and flavour. When compared to e-liquids containing vegetable glycerin, however, less vapour is created.


    When it comes to vaping, people look for a variety of things, like the mouthfeel and the flavour that support their oral fixation. Thus, it only makes sense for vapers to know the different PG/VG ratios. After all, this may affect their health and their entire vaping experience.

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