Using a Puff Bar: Detailing its Advantages and Disadvantages -

Using a Puff Bar: Detailing its Advantages and Disadvantages

There’s a wide selection of devices you can use to enjoy vaping. Most people’s gateway device to vaping is the easily accessible disposable vapes. These disposable vapes are common among veteran and first-time vapers due to its easy-to-use interface. Whether a puff bar is a good fit for you depends on your vaping habits and how you enjoy getting your fix. Part of the many cons you’ll need to remedy is its limitation with ejuice capacity.

Is it possible to refill your puff bar? Should you even try to do it?

With a puff bar, you’re putting yourself in the corner with its various limitations. This is because disposable vapes have limited ejuice capacity, battery life and customisability options. Typical puff bar models can hold around 1.3mL of ejuice with a 280 mAh battery. Although there’s an estimated amount of puffs per product, it usually depends on how long your average inhalation is. The longer your drag is, the fewer puffs you’ll get out of it. Although puff bars are disposable, that doesn’t mean they aren’t refillable.

In this article, we’ll share a four-step guide on refuelling your puff bar’s ejuice.

Step#1: Set aside the exterior components

Using a paperclip and small screwdriver to pop-open its mouthpiece. Dislodge the mouthpiece, cotton leak guard and silicon stopper and set them aside. Afterwards, remove some seals and baffles to get to your puff bar’s juice reservoir.

Step#2: Remove the silicone dam

Underneath the mouthpiece is a piece of cotton together with a second white silicone dam. This component presses directly to the airflow tube, directing vapour to the mouthpiece. Remove this carefully to get access to the ejuice polyfill in your puff bar.

Step#3: Fill your puff bar

You can use either drip or slowly pour your ejuice onto the polyfill. Keep in mind that removing the silicone blocker can be extremely messy since it holds the nic salts in place. When filling your puff bar, avoid dripping ejuice along the center tube. Otherwise, you may experience some spitback and leakage after putting your puff bar’s components together.

Step#4: Reassemble your puff bar

Once you’ve gilled the polyfill, you can now take the exterior components you set aside to reattach it to your puff bar. Ensure that the tube-like attachment on the silicone stopper is fixed in the center of the airflow tube. If not, your device can just stop working due to blocked airflow preventing the activation of the autodraw. You may need to recenter it when bringing the components together.


Although refilling your puff bar isn’t impossible, any small mistake can ultimately be a waste of your time. With a standard vape mod kit, the ejuice refilling process is much easier since it’s built with easy to remove, replace and reconstruct components.

Replacing a puff bar is definitely possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s in your best interests to do it. All the efforts you need to make can potentially break your disposable vape beyond repair. Although it’s not an expensive investment, it’s still a waste of a vape device due to avoidable mistakes. If you have the time and money on your hands, it’s always better to invest in a customisable vape kit with a p [roper vape tank. Besides giving you a better opportunity to enjoy vaping, you’ll also discover numerous ways to vape in different methods, and vape kit builds.

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