Vape Battery Explosions: How Can You Avoid Them From Happening? -

Vape Battery Explosions: How Can You Avoid Them From Happening?

Vape batteries have been making news lately for exploding. In the UK, vape devices have caused fires and burns. Although rare, a man in the US already died when his vape pen exploded that made headlines around the world. 

While it is arguable that vaping is safer than smoking, it’s still possible to have an issue with your batteries. 

A lot of the problems are easily avoidable with knowledge and good habits. Should you be unfortunate enough to have a problem, here are some tips to help you deal with it.

Your Vape & Batteries

Vapes or e-cigarettes rely on batteries to function, specifically to power the heating coil. The coil is responsible for heating up the e-liquid that turns into vapour. 

Most vape pens today use lithium-ion batteries, which are the same ones used in mobile phones and laptops. This is because they are slim, lightweight and long-lasting. 

Avoid a Battery Explosion

Indeed, a battery explosion is scary and you don’t want it to happen to you. Fortunately, here are tips to avoid us: 

  • Use vape devices that come with safety features, like vent holes and protection against overcharging. 
  • Loose batteries must be stored properly to ensure they don’t come into contact with metal objects. 
  • Don’t let batteries come in contact with keys, coins and other metals. 
  • Don’t charge your vape device with a phone or tablet charger. Instead, always use the charger that it comes with. 
  • Never leave your vape charged overnight and unattended. 
  • If the batteries get damaged or wet, replace them immediately. In case the batteries are not replaceable, you can contact your manufacturer. 
  • Never remove or disable the safety features. These features are there to prevent the battery from overheating and explosions. 
  • Only use the batteries that are recommended for your device. 
  • Always charge the vape device on a clean, flat surface that is away from anything that can catch fire. 
  • When charging your vape device, make sure it’s somewhere you can see easily. 
  • Never leave your vape in direct sunlight, in your car or on a freezing cold night. 
  • Know how to pack your device and batteries safely when you’re travelling. 

The Importance of Fully Knowing & Understanding Your Device

The tips we listed above are helpful, but the key here to avoid battery explosion is to fully know and understand your device. When you know how it works, you’ll know how to handle it properly, specifically the batteries. 

That’s why you should never skip reading the manual. It’s also helpful to research online and see other people’s reviews and tips. Knowledge is your best protection against vape battery explosions—the more you know about it, the better you can handle it. 

In the case that your vape didn’t come with instructions, you can always contact the manufacturer directly for your concerns and questions. 

Safety First!

Vape explosions may be on the rise, but there are ways to avoid them. For new vapers and experienced hobbyists alike, it’s important to know the reasons for these vape explosions and what you can do to safely use your vaping equipment. Use this information to vape safely and avoid battery explosions that can be extremely dangerous. 

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