What Happens When Vape E-Juice Expires?

Vape e-juices generally have a long shelf life and don't usually go bad. However, if they are not stored properly, they can start to degrade and lose their flavour. If you notice that your vape e-juice has changed colour or flavour, it is probably time to throw it away.

Does Vape E-Juice Expire?

Vape e-juices, like many other products, have a shelf life. Over time, the ingredients in vape e-juices break down and the liquid itself starts to go bad. However, this process takes a very long time—usually several years. So if you have a vape e-juice that's a few years old, it's probably still fine to use.

Vape e-juices slowly lose their quality over time. The best before date on the label is not when the vape e-juice will go bad but when it is likely to start degrading.

Vape e-juices generally have a shelf-life of around two years, though this can vary depending on the type of vape e-juice. For example, nic salt vape e-juices will last longer than freebase nicotine vape e-juices. In addition, fruity flavours will degrade quicker than more complex flavours, such as desserts.

How you store your vape e-juice affects how long it lasts. Vape e-juices stored in a cool, dry, dark place will last longer than those stored in a warm, damp, or bright place. If the lid is left off for a while, the vape e-juice will degrade more quickly.

What Happens When Vape E-Juice Expires?

The main thing that happens when vape e-juices expire is that the flavourings and nicotine degrade. This doesn't have as much of an impact on the PG or VG.

When the ingredients in your vape e-juice start to break down, it can change the taste or smell of your vape. In some cases, it may even make your vape taste or smell like nothing at all. As the vape e-juice oxidises, it will likely become darker in colour. This process will also cause the nicotine to become weaker, especially if it is freebase nicotine.

The thickness or viscosity of vape liquid can also change over time. This is due to the different ingredients used in the liquid and how they interact. Some heavier ingredients may settle at the bottom of the bottle, making the liquid thicker at the bottom. Shaking the bottle won't resolve the issue either.

Can You Still Use Expired Vape E-Juice?

Generally speaking, you can still vape a vape e-juice a few months old without any noticeable difference in taste or quality. However, after a year or so, you might notice that the flavour isn't as strong, the liquid is thinner, and the colour has changed.

It's not recommended to use vape e-juice that has expired because the flavour, thickness, and strength will have changed. There is also a lack of research into the effects of expired vape e-juice.

Still, if your e-juice is past the best before date on the label, it should be safe to use as long as you can't see any signs of degradation.


It is important to know the potential risks of using expired vape e-juice. Although the risks are relatively low, they may still exist. If you are concerned about using expired vape e-juice, it's better to be on the safe side and purchase a new one.

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