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Vaping Equipment: Proper Care and Maintenance Tips

Vaping is a rather simple hobby on the surface; buy a device, get some liquid, prime the coil or pod, and enjoy. However, to keep taste and performance at their best, some general maintenance steps should be taken regularly.

All of the equipment that a person uses in vaping needs to be cared for to operate at its best.

Box Mod Maintenance

This particular operation is a rather straightforward one. While many come out with plenty of features and options, those are usually based on software and don't need maintenance. That said, it's important not to drop them; the shock from a drop or fall can affect how the internal connections, magnets, buttons in business are to the point that they will be jeopardized. 

The quality of any IP protection rating issued to a device will also degrade when drops and falls are involved. This means they're more likely to be susceptible to harmful things such has the intrusion of water.

When there are foreign materials on the 510 connection, an optimal connection to the atomizer is compromised. A leaky tank or a messy refill can spread juice all over the external chassis, which usually leads to a simple solution. With a damp napkin or wet wipe, you can clean the device easily. A Q-Tip should also get the job done just fine, especially when reaching areas that are otherwise hard to access for cleaning.

Rebuildables Maintenance

Rebuildables need a lot of maintenance, but if you own a rebuildable, it’s probably because you want to learn how they work and tweak them to your liking. DIY means that most rebuildables are used by experienced vapers, not beginners who just want to get started right away.

Since they're custom, the wicking medium and coil configuration inside need monitoring (and changing as needed), following a tank's coil's general rules. Wicking material, including cotton, should be switched out in a timely manner. 

Tank Maintenance

These should be cleaned bi-weekly, with the tanks structure being disassembled in full for a complete clean. That way, a previously burn coil or any residual ejuice can be kept away from contaminating a new coil or flavour. If there is only old eJuice in your tank, you can get it out with warm water. If there are burnt coils, you can clean them with stronger agents (ethanol, vinegar, cheap vodka). 

As long as the cleaning agent is rinsed and dried away, things will go a long way.

Some people like to clean the glass tank while others prefer to wet the coils. Careful switching may be necessary when using sub-ohm tanks, where coils can be cleaned in a time-based manner or when performance or taste slips up. The coil will need changing if the flavour is compromised or its weakening.

It should be noted that travel through hotter conditions, by riding an aeroplane or when hiking up a mountain, it's very possible for eJuice to leak out given how hotter temperatures contribute to a decrease in viscosity.


Maintaining vape equipment is necessary both to make the most of flavours and to ensure user safety. While vaping in itself is a simple hobby, there's maintenance involved that cannot (and should not) be skipped. Consider the coil, wicking material and even the device itself whether those are tanks, rebuildables or box mods.

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