Vaping for Beginners: 4 Don'ts for a Happy Vaping Experience -

Vaping for Beginners: 4 Don'ts for a Happy Vaping Experience

No longer in the backseat, vaping is now popular throughout the world as it offers a safer way to taper off nicotine addiction. It’s a hobby that follows proper rules and regulations to maintain a strong vaping community that facilitates positive practices, allowing beginners and veterans alike to enjoy blowing flavourful clouds.

Vaping mindfully and courtesy towards your actions dispel the negative judgements non-vapers have and ensure that vaping remains respectable in today’s health-conscious world. While we talked about the dos of vaping, this article is all about shedding light on bad habits beginners should avoid.

Don'ts to Consider to Achieve an Enjoyable Vaping Experience

Don’t #1: Use Faulty Batteries

Vape devices are built to be safer in recent years, and compared to their heyday; there are little-to-no horror stories of vape batteries exploding. Nonetheless, batteries can still be dangerous, and there is always a risk when using them, especially faulty ones.

Even if your craving is through the roof, resisting using damaged batteries can compromise your vape’s performance and increase the risk of it exploding. Brushing up on the basics of battery safety helps, and you can pick up basic pointers with our guide to vape batteries.

Don’t #2: Leave Your Vape Device on Hot Surfaces

The vape device can break down when it’s left in hot temperatures, so never place it near sweltering heat such as your stove. While the summer sun won’t necessarily cause your vape to explode, it will degrade the batteries, which will essentially kill your vape in the long run. Not to mention, the heat can also compromise your e-juice by changing its colour and dulling its flavours.

Don’t #3: Charge Your Vape Overnight

Another battery safety tip includes charging the batteries at a certain time only or until it reaches full charge. It’s tempting to leave your vape charging overnight, but this will only wear out your battery. You can always invest in higher quality vaping chargers like the GoMax Tube, which has a 3000mAh battery capacity if you want to speed up your charging time during the day!

Don’t #4: Chain Vape

The colourful range of flavours make vaping exciting, but many stick to their favourites — be it fruity classics or confectionary inspirations. While it’s tempting to hit one after another, chain vaping will only burn your coils faster, resulting in dryer and unpleasant hits.

The Bottom Line: Avoid Making These Rookie Mistakes When Vaping

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, the list above is some common mistakes to be avoided when vaping.

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