Your Basic Vaping Guide for Flavour Lovers

The majority of smokers stop for the same reasons. Vaping is important because it allows nicotine usage without the use of tar or carbon monoxide. Many people switch to vaping to save money. In most places, vaping is less expensive than smoking.

If you've been vaping for a while, you're probably no longer missing cigarettes. Although vaping offers an alternative nicotine delivery mechanism, this is most likely not why you continue to vape. You probably never think about nicotine.

Indeed, it could all be about flavour for you. We bet that you would improve the flavour if there was a way. This somehow makes you a flavour chaser–the kind of vaper who will want to get the finest vapour flavour out of every blow.

Read on to discover this basic vaping guide for flavour lovers.

Choose the Proper Vape Equipment

If you want the best vape juice flavours, start with the right equipment, starting with your inhaling method. Each inhalation mode will be defined, and appropriate vaping equipment will be recommended. Many of these devices offer adjustable airflow and many coil selections, allowing you to try out different inhaling patterns.

There are vaping devices that have features that boost flavour quality. Coil+ was introduced by Innokin with the Sensis and Sensis EZ. Coil+ reduces the device's power after each puff. The low heat allows the e-liquid to permeate the coil's wick, resulting in the greatest flavour.

The Mouth-to-lung inhalation

Because the narrow mouthpiece focuses vapour on the tongue, mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhalation produces a refined taste. MTL inhalation is beneficial if you want a strong throat hit or a peppery e-liquid flavour.

The Direct-to-Lung Inhalation

Direct-to-lung (DTL) inhalation provides a powerful flavour as the atomizer fills your lips with vapour. Because the technique works well with low-nicotine e-liquids that produce minimal throat impacts, DTL inhalation is popular among sweet-flavoured e-liquid fans.

The Restricted Direct-to-Lung Inhalation

The restricted direct-to-lung inhalation approach limits vapour production while providing several MTL and DTL benefits. RDL inhalation works best with e-liquids that have a moderate level of nicotine in them, allowing you to build thicker clouds while still getting a throat hit.

Choosing Your Favourite E-Juice Flavour

When it comes to flavour-chasing, keep in mind that your vaping gear is only half of the equation. Half of it is e-liquid. Vaping equipment does not create flavour; it simply reflects the flavor of e-liquid. Any amount of vape customisation will not save an unpleasant e-liquid.

If you want to chase flavors and fully enjoy the experience, you should select a favourite e-liquid. Until you find the perfect vape juice, you should focus on that rather than the hardware.

In picking an e-liquid flavour, you must experiment until you find what you like. Tobacco or menthol flavours, which mimic the throat hit of smoking, may be the finest vape juice flavours for you. A sweeter cuisine, beverage, or fruit-flavoured e-liquid may appeal to you. If you keep trying new e-liquids, you will eventually find a flavour you like.

Matching Your Vape with the E-liquid Flavour

Configure your vaping equipment for flavour quest after picking the best vaping equipment and e-liquid. Typically, great vapor production and flavour do not go hand in hand with flavor chasing. A vaping device optimized for optimum cloud production has a wide-open airflow, which allows you to inhale mostly flavorless air. Adjust the quantities to maximum flavour.


With vaping, there is a myriad of flavours you can enjoy. This is one of the reasons why it has become a better alternative to smoking traditional cigars and cigarettes. And if you’re one of the flavour lovers or flavour chasers out there, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

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