Vaping with Nicotine Salts: Are They Safe? -

Vaping with Nicotine Salts: Are They Safe?

Nowadays vaping is getting popular day by day and its popularity is growing with the passage of time. That's why it's not a surprise to see a relatively new product in the vaping world, and the spotlight is on e-liquids with nicotine salts! Taking the world by storm, nicotine salts are an improved version of free-base nicotine used in e-cigarettes.

E-liquids with nicotine salts provide the same satisfying lung hit as you would expect in smoking tobacco cigarettes, but are they really a "healthier" option compared to smoking? 

What Exactly are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts are nicotine molecules in their purest form. These salts are extracted from tobacco leaves and then filtered to remove all the other harmful chemicals. The end result is a nicotine base with its acid removed, capable of being vaped right away. But how is nicotine salt safer than tobacco and freebase nicotine? 

Nicotine salts are considered to be the healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. While it has not been thoroughly studied, experts believe that it is because the absorption of nicotine salts occurs more slowly than with traditional nicotine. 

Nicotine in its freebase form, on the other hand, is absorbed too quickly for the body to process. Nicotine salts can reduce the amount of nicotine needed to create the same nicotine hit. All in all, nicotine salts are considered to be a healthier alternative to traditional e-liquid nicotine and can potentially help smokers to quit.

What are the Different Benefits of Vaping Nicotine Salts?

Benefit #1: More Satisfaction

Nicotine salts are the closest to the nicotine found in tobacco leaves. This means that vapers don't have to vape as much to feel satisfied.

Benefit #2: Fewer Side Effects

Nicotine salts produce less irritation to the throat, compared to freebase nicotine. The lower toxicity level makes freebase nicotine e-liquids less addictive than their traditional counterparts.

Benefit #3: Does Not Change E-liquid Flavours

The best thing about nicotine salts is that it does not affect the flavours of the e-liquids, meaning you will get the same flavour from your e-liquid as what you intended to buy.

Benefit #4: Smoother Throat Hit

Nicotine salts are designed to create a smoother hit than their freebase counterpart, creating a smoking-like experience to the vaper without the usual coughing fits. Similarly, it's a great option for vapers who prefer mouth-to-lung vaping as you can get more concentrated vapour that truly hits the spot!

Benefit #5: Longer-Lasting

E-liquids with nicotine salts can be stored for longer periods of time, as there is no nicotine degradation. This is beneficial for vapers who regularly travel for work, as it eliminates the hassle of travel-size e-liquids.

The Bottom Line: Why Vaping Nicotine Salts is Better

When it comes to the question of "Is vaping nicotine salts better?", the answer is always yes! Vaping e-liquids with nicotine salts is the closest thing you can get to smoking a cigarette, minus the long list of health risks. Nicotine salts provide a smoother hit, as well as a longer-lasting experience for the vaper.

From satisfying nicotine cravings to the smell of burning tobacco, the e-liquids with nicotine salts provide everything you need from a smoking experience. On top of that, it's not as addictive as freebase nicotine, making it much safer for smokers looking for a healthier alternative to smoking.

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