Cutting Down on Your Expenses: 3 Ways to Save When Vaping -

Cutting Down on Your Expenses: 3 Ways to Save When Vaping

Most people pick up vaping because they believe it's a cheaper long-term alternative to smoking. After all, you shouldn't pass on the opportunity of getting your nicotine fix with a safer and more sustainable habit. However, some vapers tend to burn through their wallet much sooner than others. This is because they're not yet familiar with the unwritten rules of vaping.

How to Save on Your Vaping Habit

The simplest way to get started with vaping is to purchase a pod mod and the eliquid of your choice. Although it's a straightforward way of enjoying vaping, that doesn't mean you shouldn't prevent yourself from experimenting. Sometimes, being more creative with your vaping choices can have a lesser impact on your monthly savings.

In this article, we'll share three ways you can save on your vaping habit.

Trying Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping

If you're worried about your budget when vaping, you should start by assessing your vaping device. Some box mods tend to take up more power than smaller devices. Although it has less power, it offers benefits in other areas. For example, buying open tank kits or pod kits allows you to engage in Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping.

With these vaping devices, you can inhale vapour into your mouth and breathe it down into your lungs, similar to smoking a cigarette. Although these devices produce less vapor, there's a much stronger hit. This lets you save on your e-liquid usage and several trips on restocking your e-liquid bottles.

Buying Stronger Nicotine Strengths

Many vapers lost a lot of money from routinely refreshing their stash of eliquid bottles. Although buying in bulk is one strategy to save on shipping costs, it won't save you too much money if you're buying the wrong formulas.

A recent trend in vaping is the popularity of salt nicotine e-liquids or salt nics. Big brands like Vampire Vape and Dinner Lady develop these much more potent formulas without putting a strain on your throat. Unlike freebase nicotine, salt nics last longer, so you can receive a faster hit while budgeting your fuel economy.

If you want to get creative with your  e-liquids, why not make your own blend yourself? You can invest in shortfill e liquids that allow you to add a nicotine booster shot to enhance its nicotine content. Additionally, you can prep your e-liquids by mixing your vape juices beforehand. This gives you a more unique experience by experimenting with different flavours.

Swapping Out Your Vape Coils

It's common for vapers to alter and modify their vaping kits, depending on their preferences. Besides trying out different e-liquids, they can swap out batteries, vape tanks, and even a vaping device's vape coil.

You can swap out your current vape coil for a higher Ohm to be more resistant to heat. When attached, its higher resistance will use less power for heating for a more sustainable coil. However, this comes with the drawback of losing less volume of vapour. Keep this in mind if you prefer having a cloudy vaping session.


If you've been spending too much of your savings on vaping, it's time to be a smarter vaper. While the tips above can help with minimising your expenses, the best way to enjoy vaping is to purchase quality vape materials. With the right vape device builds and eliquids, you'll get to experience quality vaping without worrying about your budget!

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