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What Happens When You Start Vaping After You Quit Smoking

People who switch to vape kits in the UK after they've been smoking cigarettes made from regular tobacco know there are several benefits to this. However, what's probably not as widely known is that the changes start manifesting pretty quickly. The first signs will make themselves apparent merely a couple of hours later!

Here is a timeline that better explains what happens when you start vaping after you quit smoking:

8 hours after

8 hours after you've made the switch, there will be marked improvements to your body. The first obvious effect of quitting smoking will manifest. Your blood's oxygen levels will return to normal. That will happen whether or not you're already vaping. 

How is this possible? It's from the lack of carbon monoxide from your electronic cigarette's vapour. By comparison, tobacco cigarette smoke naturally has carbon monoxide. At this point, your body can start detoxifying the carbon monoxide you previously inhaled. With the increase of oxygen in your blood, you'll feel a whole lot better on several levels.

24 hours after

By this time, any residual carbon monoxide from your body will be fully expelled. Your lungs will also be able to start detoxifying, ridding themselves (and your body) of mucus and toxic debris that built up during your cigarette-smoking days. Since you are not inhaling toxins anymore, nothing is added to what already exists in your system. That lets your body start the healing process and start cleaning itself.

48 hours after

Two days in, you'll notice that your sense of taste seems to have gotten a boost. You'll enjoy your drinks and food more than you ever have since your days of smoking cigarettes. Another sense that will improve is your sense of smell, which will lead to you noticing certain fragrances that you missed out on as a smoker.

72 hours after

At this point, your body will continue becoming stronger overall. Most people who have made the switch to vaping find a marked improvement in their breathing around this time. That is because your bronchial tubes are no longer clogged and irritated by cigarette tar. Aside from breathing getting easier, your overall energy level will also get a lift.

3 to 9 months after

If you're able to keep on vaping and avoid tobacco cigarettes for around 3 to 9 months, you'll notice your coughing, shallow breathing, or wheezing disappear. If it doesn't go away completely, there will be a notable drop in just how severe it tends to be. Lung function will continuously improve as debris from smoking continues to clear.

5 years after

Around this time, you'd have quit in the long-term sense. By then, the risk of a heart attack will drastically decrease to half. Vaping does not affect this because the vapour causes no damage to any heart cells.

10 years after

The chances of lung cancer drop to half, and the chances of a heart attack are closer to that of someone who was never a cigarette smoker. 


Making the switch from cigarettes to vape is a smart choice. Unsure whether or not you should? Start looking online for vape e-liquids that appeal to you. Vaping instead of smoking helps your body detoxify from the harmful effects of tobacco, which will be good for your long-term health.

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