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What To Do if Your E-Cigarette Isn’t Producing Vapor

Society has indeed evolved beyond expectations. What used only to be part of sci-fi stories is now essential in our daily lives! From video messaging, smartphones, to cloning, it seems like anything is possible! Man may not have invented flying cars just yet, but the most brilliant minds have managed to create the next best thing—e-cigarettes.

How Smoking Has Changed Through Time

From its shamanistic beginnings, controversial past to its futuristic present, smoking has survived the passage of time and has remained one of today’s most common practices. The only thing that has probably changed is how people smoke. 

Thanks to the various technologies we have today, smoking is no longer just limited to tobacco rolled in a piece of paper. Due to the vaping revolution, you can replace inhaling burning plant material with a vapour created by a vaping device, such as an electronic cigarette.

The Number One E-Cigarette Problem

The e-cigarette has indeed come a long way! No longer are these smoking devices considered unreliable; with a few tweaks and upgrades here and there, e-cigarettes are now one of the best and most popular ways of inhaling the vapour.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s immune to problems. Just like other gadgets, e-cigarette issues do still happen from time to time. The most common issue users have with this device is most probably when it fails to produce any vapour. 

Why Your E-Cig Isn’t Producing Vapour

If your e-cigarette isn’t producing vapour, you don’t have to worry about buying a new one at an online vape shop. Most times, the vape issue is caused by fixable problems.

Your e-cigarette may not be producing vapour because of:

  • A dead battery;
  • Dry atomiser coil;
  • Flooded atomiser; or
  • Poor electrical connection. 

How to Fix the Issue

Check the Battery

If you experience any problems during your smoking session, you should first check your battery. An e-cigarette or mod with an integrated lithium-ion battery should have a display that will alert you when the battery needs to be charged. Make sure to replace it with new vape batteries if needed.

On the other hand, if you have a mechanical mod, you’ll have to use a meter or a charger with a built-in meter to determine your battery’s voltage. We strongly advise against using a dead battery in a mechanical mod, as it poses various safety issues.

Inspect the Atomizer

When checking the atomiser, you must ensure that there is e-juice present. A pre-filled cartomiser or disposable cartridges may have to be swapped out so that your heating coil won’t run dry.

You must always fill an atomiser with e-liquid, but you shouldn’t add too much, either. Don’t let e-juice spill down the centre tube, as a flooded atomiser will probably not produce enough vapour. If you have a flooded atomiser, clean it with a paper towel.


E-cigarette smoking will only be enjoyable if the device is working well. As such, it’s essential to inspect your e-cigarette so that no problems will arise regularly. As long as you check your batteries and fill your atomiser, you’re sure to have an enjoyable smoke session every time.

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