Vaping Tips: What to Do with a Broken E-liquid Bottle Tip?

Vaping Tips: What to Do with a Broken E-liquid Bottle Tip?

When you're vaping away and find that the tip of your e-liquid bottle is damaged, it can be a bit of a nuisance. Not only does it make it difficult to pour the liquid into your device, but it can also make it difficult to store the bottle. But fear not—with a few simple steps, you can fix your e-liquid bottle tip and return to vaping in no time.

Read on to find out more about fixing e-liquid bottle tips and where to find vape products. 

Vaping Tips: What to Do with a Broken E-liquid Bottle Tip?

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a new e-liquid only to discover that the cap has a broken tip, is severely damaged and won't allow any liquid to leak, or was sealed shut due to a manufacturing error. This could be a real pain, and you could be at a loss for ideas other than using your fingers to fully snap off the cap, which frequently results in a severe spill of your expensive beverage.

If you ever have the chance to look closely at these tips, you will see that they have a very small entrance to keep you from unintentionally adding too much liquid to your tank or overpowering your desired mixture. 

The production process is mostly to blame for the problems with plastic. Unfortunately, because these tips are sealed in a sanitary manner, only the consumer would ever be aware that it was damaged. When these tips are manufactured in a factory, several problems could occur when they are removed from the mould.

Fixing a Damaged Tip

How to fix a damaged tip from your vaping kits in the UK? However, not all is lost! Your alternatives are constrained if you ever find yourself in this predicament.

Always cut as near the tip's broken section as you can when trimming the damaged portion of the tip using scissors. It is best to avoid cutting too close to the bottom of the tip because doing so will delay the liquid's flow out of the bottle. 

However, starting by adhering to some of these suggestions before taking off the bottle's cover is wise. Before using an e-liquid, go somewhere and wrap your expensive clothing with some protective layers to prevent stains. Try opening the cap without using your teeth next. Even in modest doses, drinking e-liquid straight can harm your health. 

Extend the bottle's tip with your fingers, keeping it clear of anything you don't want to risk staining. If this is impossible, try going around the rim and pressing up with a flat-head screwdriver. 

However, be cautious of those fingertips! You can use your thumbnail periodically, but we don't recommend it because it will make your nails look less than their best. You can also hold the bottle between your legs and use a pair of pliers to grab the nozzle and pull upwards while holding the bottle. 

This should only be a last resort because the nozzle occasionally comes off. You may find tools that assist you if you rapidly search the web. However, everything ought to be alright if you closely monitor the procedure.

But it's crucial to remember that you should swap out the damaged bottle tip for a functional one. The satisfaction of managing how much liquid you consume will return, and any leaks that may result from tilting the bottle will be prevented.

Lastly, you may buy a whole new vaping kit from a vape shop in the UK as well. 


Taking the necessary precautions when dealing with a damaged e-liquid bottle tip is vital. To reduce the risk of spillage, it is important to use a dropper or syringe to fill your tank, as this will help keep the bottle's contents securely inside. This is especially important when using a high-strength e-liquid, as it can cause burns and irritation if spilled on your skin or clothing. 

Additionally, when disposing of e-liquid bottles, ensure to put the cap back on securely to prevent further spillage or contamination. Following these steps will help to ensure your safety and reduce the risk of damage to your e-cigarette or vaping device.

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