Is It a Good Idea to Get Vape Detectors? Here’s What to Know -

Is It a Good Idea to Get Vape Detectors? Here’s What to Know

Vape detectors are certainly becoming an important part of the industry. These devices help keep vapers and bystanders safe and protected from second- and third-hand vapour. But with all the various vape detectors on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. You might even be wondering if it’s worth your money to purchase a vape detector. 

Vape Detector: What Is It? 

The rise of e-cigarettes in the market that burn nicotine and cannabis oil calls for vape detectors. They are installed in places where smoking is prohibited. However, it works differently because vaping is more complicated to detect than burning marijuana or tobacco. 

Vape detectors are powered by batteries that heat liquid and turn it into a vapour. They are specially designed to detect vapour from e-cigarettes, tobacco and marijuana smoke. 

Smoke Detectors vs. Vape Detectors

Smoke detectors can detect smoke from joints and cigarettes, but they can’t detect vapour. As a result, vape detectors are created. 

There are several advantages to getting vape detectors over smoke detectors today. For one, vape detectors can also detect smoke and vapour, which means you can still comply with the local fire codes in your area. Another thing is vape detectors can detect e-juices. 

Finally, vape detectors are common in school districts today, allowing officials to know about them quickly. 

The Pros and Cons of Vape Detectors

The most significant advantage of a vape detector is that it can do a lot of things; some could detect sound that will help increase the security in your area. Additionally, some can even have a video surveillance feature, carbon monoxide detector and audio recording. 

As a result, you can rely on vape detectors to prevent vandalism, bullying and other misbehaviour. 

On the other hand, a vape detector may not detect smoke or vapour if someone blows it into an air vent or exhales into a toilet while flushing. 

How to Find the Right Vapor Detector for You

As mentioned, there are many vape detectors on the market today. And yes, it can be confusing when it’s your first time buying one. It all comes down to looking into the features. That said, here are the features you should look into: 

  • Multiple sensors: Your vape detector should not only detect smoke and vapour, but you should also get one that could detect sound and volatile organic compounds. 
  • Cloud-based: Technology is now everywhere, and you can find a vape detector that has cloud-based technology. With that, you can integrate it into your company’s existing security infrastructure. 
  • Tampering alarm: It’s not new to see broken vape detectors today. Some people would destroy them so they could smoke in the area. The good thing is that vaping detectors come with a tampering alarm that will notify administrators if someone attempts to disable or destroy the detector. 
  • Remote operation: You don’t want a detector that is too complicated to operate. Therefore, it’s smart to choose the one you can operate remotely so you can do it wherever you are. 
  • Instant notifications: Vape sensors should send notifications to you immediately through various methods, such as SMS, email, etc. 

Is a Vape Detector Right for You? 

Vape detectors are becoming increasingly popular. A vape detector can be an extremely useful device for both vapers and vape store owners. So what do you think, should you get one? 

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