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Everything You Need to Know about Steeping E-Liquid

Vaping is all about the taste and the experience. When you vape, the e-liquid is heated up to create the vapour. The heating element inside the tank does this. It is during this heating process that the taste of the e-liquid is altered. The more you vape, the more the taste of your e-juice changes. This is also what causes the e-liquid to lose its flavour. Steeping e-liquid allows you to taste its original flavour. Vaping without steeping makes your e-liquid worse with time.

Steeping is the process of allowing your e-liquid to sit in a dark, cool place for a certain period before using it. You should steep your e-liquid at least a week before using it. It can also be left for a month or more.

Today, let's explore more about steeping e-liquid. Here's what you need to know:

How to Steep Vape Juice

We have already mentioned the factors to consider when steep your e-liquid. You must choose a dark, cool place like a cupboard or refrigerator. This ensures the vape juice is away from direct sunlight and hot air. The ideal temperature for steeping is room temperature.

When you decide to steep your e-liquid, make sure that you check the bottle every day. Shake the bottle to ensure that the ingredients are mixed well. Do this for about a week or up to a month. This is important to make sure that the flavour of your e-juice will stay intact. You will notice that the colour of your e-liquid will darken. This is how you know that the steeping process is working.

Why Do You Need to Steep E-Liquid?

Not all e-liquids are made the same. Some are made with fresh extracts, while others are made with concentrate. Some e-liquids do not have flavourings added to them. The flavors of these e-liquids come from the ingredients themselves. On the other hand, some e-liquids are made with artificial flavours. This is important because flavors can change depending on the ingredients used. Steeping e-liquid is the only way to adjust the flavor of your vape juice and make it taste like when it was first packaged.

How Long Should You Steep E-Liquid?

Again, it is recommended that you steep your e-liquid for at least seven days. Initially, the ingredients do not mix well, but as the days go by, the ingredients will blend perfectly. This way, you will have a perfectly mixed e-liquid once you make the first pull from your vape tank.

The most recommended steep time is between seven to ten days. Some manufacturers will even suggest that the steep time can be shortened depending on the flavour of your e-liquid. If you notice that after two to three days, you can already taste the difference with your e-juice, you do not have to continue steeping it.

How to Tell If Your E-Juice Is Steeped Enough?

Steeping is a process that varies from one e-juice to another. The length of time depends on the flavour and ingredients used. To get the most accurate steeping time, check the pages of the e-liquid you have purchased. You can also check the reviews about the product to know more about the steeping time.

The Bottom Line

Steeping e-liquid is very important to have a better experience. While it can be time-consuming, it is essential to be patient and let it sit. With the right steep time, you will have a perfectly mixed e-liquid that you can enjoy immediately.

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