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Why You Should Give Up Smoking This 2020

It’s the year 2020, and the cancer sticks are slowly going out of style. With the increasing demands for good health and the exponentially rising prices of tobacco products in the UK this year, it’s now high time for a switch! Vape kits in the UK are becoming the choice of the people as they ditch their cigarette packs. Besides, all cigarettes practically have the same flavour notes compared to the entire array of flavours that vape e-liquids have—so why stick to the harmful vice?

If you are still looking for reasons to quit smoking, there are many reasons to take into consideration. Additionally, you can invest in vape kits in the UK for a better alternative that doesn’t have the tar and chemicals of cigarettes, while providing variable levels of nicotine for all kinds of vapers out there.

Here are some of the reasons why you should quit smoking for good:

Cigarettes Are Harmful to Your Health

The vast number of studies that exposes the risks of cigarette smoking should be a good enough reason to quit. It has been found that these are no longer only pure tobacco products, as they contain many harmful chemicals, like carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde, for example, is used to preserve cadavers, and knowing that you’re putting that into your lungs is quite unsettling to think about! These chemicals have been added for a quicker burn effect so that a smoker goes through a pack quicker, forcing them to purchase even more.

Smoking causes the usual lung cancer, along with other cancers, heart diseases, strokes, impotence, and many other illnesses. The longer you smoke, the worse the symptoms of these diseases will be—so consider this as the number one point to start quitting!

Money is Saved Using Vape Products

A pack of cigarettes is not cheap, mainly due to the taxes slapped onto them and other regulations that hike the price. They can often cost a smoker who smokes a pack a day a fortune!

Annually, the average UK smoker has an estimated expenditure of almost £4,000 annually on cigarettes alone. Compare this to those who buy vape e-juices in the UK spending around £350 on e-liquids a year, and you’ll definitely notice the insane savings.

You Won’t Roam Around Smelling Like an Ashtray

This is something that smokers who are able to kick the habit will know. Cigarette smoke stinks, and that is a fact.

Even if you like the scent, it is likely that it is extremely uncomfortable to many others around you. The scent of smoke sticks to your clothes, your skin, and even your hair—and not many people appreciate the ashtray scent of a smoker.

Your Family Will Benefit from Quitting Smoking

If you doubt that that second-hand smoke isn’t true, then you’re wrong—the effects are actually tremendous!

A study by the Royal College of Physicians has shown that second-hand smoke causes infections and diseases in children. Each year, over 20,000 cases of respiratory infections have surfaced due to parents smoking, which includes the development of wheeze and asthma.

Think about your kids or your older family members, as the smoke you exhale with your occasional cigarettes is incredibly harmful to them. Shift to vapes in the UK for better health for your family, while still having the ability to get your nicotine fix to slowly quit entirely!


Vapes in the UK could be a great tool to be able to kick the habit of smoking for good. With various types of juices that contain a variety of nicotine levels, vapes in the UK can be the key to living a better and healthier life for heavy smokers! Make the switch now to get a better future ahead of you.

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