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3 Easy Ways to Store Your E-juice Properly - Our Guide

The taste, smell, and a wide variety of flavour options available for e-juices make vaping enticing and enjoyable. These also help you keep off of cigarettes.

Although e-juices have a long lifespan, they are still considered perishable goods. That means once their chemical compounds begin to break down, your vaping experience will definitely get ruined.

At V8PR, we are passionate about providing you with top-notch vape kits and other accessories, and we are willing to help you enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest. To learn more about the correct way of storing your e-juice to preserve its quality and flavour, read the guide below.

1. Keep it away from air and sunlight

Air and sunlight can be healthy for you, but they have negative effects when your e-juice gets exposed to them. That is because UV rays and oxygen cause oxidation that weakens and breaks down the compounds in your e-juice, which leads to spoilage and ruins its taste. Because of this, make sure to close your e-juice container right away and do not leave it sitting out for a long time.

2. Do not place it under direct heat

Heat causes a chemical breakdown of your e-juice, which leads its flavour to change drastically. To prevent your e-juice from getting spoiled quickly, make sure to store it in a cool, dry place and avoid placing it under direct sunlight or near sources of heat, such as stoves, heaters, or candles.

While it is not necessary, you may also consider investing in a vape juice storage box to ensure that your e-juice is secured and safe in an ideal environment. Moreover, you may also store it in your refrigerator or freezer if you need to preserve it for a longer period.

The worst place to keep your e-juice is in your car. Avoid taking it with you while driving or riding for long periods, and most importantly, never leave it in your vehicle. Otherwise, once you go back to your car and take a hit, you will just get disappointed that your e-juice has gone bad.

3. Place it in tinted glass bottles

One of the important ways to preserve the flavour and quality of your e-juice is to keep it in tinted glass bottles. These are the ideal containers for your e-liquid since they help keep out direct sunlight.

In addition, you can transfer the remaining small amount of your e-juice into a smaller bottle so that less air will get in. Make sure that the bottle is sealed tightly to prevent it from getting your e-liquid exposed to air. Finally, if you have a collection of e-juice, then it is best to label each bottle with your date of purchase. That will help you track the storage period and lifespan of each e-liquid easily.


Making your vape juice last longer is essential to ensure your enjoyable vaping experience. To protect the flavour and integrity of your e-liquid and keep it fresh, you need to follow all the basic measures mentioned above. You may also reach out to a trusted vape shop for some helpful tips. This way, you can take care of your vape juice collection and prolong their lifespan.

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