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Want to Vape Like a Pro? - Our 4 Secrets for Newbies

No matter how new a person is in vaping, they always want to look like they have been doing it for many years. Looking like a pro seems to be much better than looking like a complete newbie. So, what is the secret to looking like an expert if you are a beginner vaper?

Here are some tips on how to vape like a pro for newbies: 

1. Switch up flavours

You may have a favourite flavour, but it’s best not to stick to vaping only that single flavour. While there is nothing wrong with that, a few things can happen because of this. For instance, you might run into what is called a vaper's tongue. You experience vaper's tongue when you can no longer taste your vape liquid. Also, you miss out on the hundreds of other flavours out there. 

So, for the sake of your tongue and your library of vape juices, switch the flavours from time to time. Not only will you be able to enjoy your favourite flavours fully but also discover new ones you will fall in love with. Also, always buy quality liquids only. They are much safer to vape and more effective in imparting flavour. 

2. Store liquids in the right conditions

While we all wish that the e-liquids we buy can last forever in any condition, reality has it differently. There are just so many ways your liquids can spoil. For instance, exposing your bottles of vape juice to the light can cause a chemical reaction in the liquid that alters the flavour. Exposing the liquid to air can also cause oxidation that can ruin its taste. 

So, to ensure your vape liquids stay as fresh as possible for the longest time, keep them in the right conditions. That includes putting them in tinted glass bottles, placed in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

3. Make sure your tank is clean

Over time through regular use, your vape’s tank will get grimy. While this grime is not necessarily any actual dirt, it might be leftover vape juice that has somehow collected. It will affect the quality of your drag, so you would always want to make sure your tank is thoroughly cleaned. That includes your mouthpiece, the atomizer, and the tank itself.

4. Protect your vape device when outdoors

If you are planning to vape when you go out, you will need to take some precautions. For example, always bring a piece of cloth with you, such as a handkerchief. You can use it to wrap the device and keep it from damage caused by bumps or scratches. If a leak occurs, you clean it up thoroughly as well. 


Switch up and try new flavours, store your vape juices properly, keep your tank clean, and keep your device safe when outdoors. With these tips in mind and applied, you will quickly transition from a newbie vaper to an expert and give yourself the best vaping experience possible. 

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