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3 Factors to Consider When Siding between 100% PG vs VG

If you are a serious vaper, there is always a debate you’ll find yourself in: 100% PG or 100% VG? It is much like the Sony vs Xbox, the Coke vs Pepsi, the Nike vs Adidas matchup, and more where there will always be those that side over one or the other. So, much like the answer to any of the above matchups, it all boils down to personal preference. 

That said, if you have not picked a side yet, you may be wondering what you can do to experiment with both ways properly to maximize your vaping experience. That will depend on the four factors that you need to consider:

Vaping Device

First things first, it is essential to consider your vaping device. This is because different devices are built to deal with different types of juice. Some are built for 50/50 ratios, others for 100% PG or VG. You must research what kind of juices your device can support. This way, you do not end up picking one or the other that the device cannot vaporize, leaving you with a horrible and disappointing experience.

Vaping experience

How long exactly have you been vaping? A month, two months? Perhaps a whole year? The reason we are asking you this question is that the longer you have been vaping, the more likely it is that you have already discovered a preference. 

Newbies often prefer to go for a more VG-based product because it is less intense on the throat. Long-time vapers or smokers will prefer products with a lot more PG for that intense throat hit. If you are a newbie, or even a veteran, that loves the milder side of things, you can try out 100% VG-based products. 

Of course, if you love the throat hit, trying out 100% PG can be an option. However, it can also make sense to start off with one and slowly add the other to create a balanced mix of flavours, clouds, and intensity to match your preferred experience.

Favourite Flavours

Although you may love the tremendous hit that PG-based juice has to offer, understand that some flavours may not mix well with a hit. For instance, mild flavours like lemon will not work effectively with PG as it does not deliver well. 

At the end of the day, it is all up to experimentation, and your preferred flavours can differ significantly from anyone else. If you are the type that wants to not overpower the flavour with an intense hit, a VG-based juice is what you will be after. Of course, you can still mix in a little more PG if you so wish to still bring on that throat hit that many vapers love.


Though there will never be an end to the PG vs VG war, you now have the information you need to come up with the right decision. Remember, it does not matter what other people like. It is what you like! If you enjoy the vaping experience, then you have done yourself the favour of picking the right mix that genuinely makes your hobby an incredible one! That being said, never be afraid to experiment. You never know what mixture you will end up loving, and the more you try out different things, the more aware you will become of your personal preferences.

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