The Hottest Vape Trend: What You Need to Know About Sub-Ohming -

The Hottest Vape Trend: What You Need to Know About Sub-Ohming

If you’re looking for a better flavour and more enormous clouds, you’ll definitely enjoy sub-ohming! Sub-ohm vaping or sob-ohming refers to a style of vaping that produces large clouds of vapour. Compared to regular mods, sub-ohm mods produce bigger and thicker clouds. 

To create these massive clouds, you need to vape using a device with a resistance level lower than 1.0 ohms and sub-ohm vape ejuices with 3mg or 6mg nicotine content and a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) concentration. Since there is much more vapour than regular vaping, the vape liquid for sub-ohm atomisers tends to have less nicotine!

What You Need for Sub-Ohm Vaping

While many standard vaporisers have a 1.5 to 3 ohms resistance, sub-ohm devices have more reduced resistance that allows the atomiser coil to heat up faster, vaporise more liquid, and produce a more robust flavour. 

To sub-ohm safely and successfully, you need to use the proper devices!

Sub-Ohm Tanks

If you want to chase big clouds, you’re going to need to use sub-ohm tanks. As one of the most common vape tanks available today, their low-resistance coils make them perfect for sub-ohming. 

If you want to experience sub-ohm vaping but don’t know how to build your own coils, you can just buy a sub-ohm tank instead. 

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs)

Best described as a mix of a rebuildable tank and a refillable tank, RTAs are vaping tanks with rebuildable decks. Just like an RDA, you’ll have to build your own coils and wicks. However, you won’t have to drip—all you need to do is fill your tank and vape.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs)

An RDA consists of a customised coil and cotton to wrap around the coil. Unlike an RTA, RDAs require you to drip your juice inside, vape it off, then drip again. 

What Makes Sub-Ohming So Appealing?

Sub-ohming is one of the hottest trends in the vaping world for many reasons. Read through below to find out what makes it so popular.

Monster Clouds

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing large clouds of vapour filling a whole room. Many people prefer sub-ohming because they want more vapour. Using sub-ohm vaping mods with a bigger wick and coil allows the ejuice to heat up at a higher temperature, resulting in greater cloud production.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a cloud chasing champion or just want to enjoy blowing bigger plumes of smoke, then sub-ohming is for you.

Smoother Throat Hit

Sub-ohming is also perfect for vapers who want to have a smoother vaping experience. Since the tanks for sub-ohming use a higher wattage, you don’t need much nicotine for a powerful hit. When you combine the lower nicotine level with a high VG ejuice, you can create a smoother hit.

Better Flavour

Many people can attest that sub-ohm vaping leads to a much better flavour, as vaping at a lower resistance will give your e-liquids an entirely different taste. Because each puff vaporises more flavour and the warmer vapour cloud, you will have a much more flavorful vaping experience.


Sub-ohm vaping is undeniably one of the most popular trends in the vaping world. Before you join the bandwagon and see what the attraction is all about, you should first purchase the right device to handle it! Make sure to buy authentic sub-ohm equipment at a reputable online vape shop in the UK for a safe and satisfying vape experience.

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