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3 Practical Tips in Taking Care of Your Vape Mod - Our Guide

Despite some backlash, vaping has become all the rage. If you want to jump into the vaping bandwagon, you can start by investing in one very crucial device: a vape mod. Whether it’s a vape pen, pod mod, or mechanical mod, you should take good care of your device to ensure that it will give you the perfect taste and will last for as long as possible.

In this article, we’ll share with you four tips on how to take care of your vape mod. Keep on reading to find out more.

Clean your mod regularly

Every vape mod should easily be taken apart. During the production stage, you will typically use oil to put the device together. Over time, however, it’s easy for your device to get accumulated with dust and dirt. The accumulation can get all the more messy and worse if your device isn’t taken care of regularly.

Since a dirty mod isn’t the best mod, clean yours regularly to keep it in perfect shape and working condition. This also helps to keep it running safely and that the vaporized fluids will remain pure and undisturbed. For the regular upkeep of your device, know that you won’t have to make any extra purchases. All you have to do is to prepare a micro-fibre towel, Q-tip, and rubbing alcohol. 

Monitor the usage of your mod battery

If your mod’s battery is left unattended and not monitored, it can drain faster than it should. When you don’t use your device’s battery properly, it is highly likely that it will have a shorter lifespan.

That said, monitoring the usage of your battery is a must to expand its lifespan. First, make sure that you charge the battery before it completely drains out. Second, charge your battery while its charge is half less the percentage. Third, always have an additional spare battery so that you can use the spare one while the other is charging.


Protect your mod from the harsh elements

Protecting your mod device from the harsh elements of nature is imperative because it’s easy for it to get impacted in hot and humid environments. If you leave your device unattended and not properly kept, it may be subject to wear and tear over time.

For this reason, do what it takes to protect your mod from the harmful elements. For one, invest in a protective carrying case for your mod device to add another layer of safety, making your mod less likely to be broken. Two, avoid storing your mod in hot and humid places so that it won’t deteriorate quickly and its performance won’t get affected.

Final words

Truth be told, many vapers actually take their mod devices for granted because they don’t know how to clean and maintain their devices properly. You probably vape too much and always have a pleasurable time, to the point where you neglect to maintain your mod. That said, if you’ve just invested in a new device, the three valuable tips above will help you take care for your mod. 

With a little bit of extra care and maintenance, you can ensure the longevity of your device and its components, and not to mention a great vaping experience all the time!

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