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4 Tips to Help You Extend Your Vape's Battery Life - What to Know

Don't you want to lay back on the couch all winter morning while indulging in your favourite vape juice? That may be the dream, but unfortunately, batteries don't last forever. They have especially short lives if they are treated poorly. Keep in mind that some of your habits can cause the battery to lose its life faster than others. Leaving the battery in the cold, for instance, will hamper its ability to discharge. Not only does that mean it'll last much shorter, but it won't perform as well either.

If you're wondering what you can do to help extend your vape's battery life, here are four tips to help you do so:


Avoid overcharging the batteries

Some people come to believe that continuing to connect the battery to a power source when it is already maxed will make it last longer. However, that is not the case with batteries. Every battery has a limit, and once that limit is reached, it won't go any higher. 

Whether you keep a vape device charged for two hours or two days, it's not going to increase the capacity of the battery. The only thing you're doing when keeping it connected when charged to the brim is damaging it. While some vape has a built-in mechanism to cut off power once the battery is full, there are others that don't. If you notice that the battery gets warm even with a full charge, disconnect it from the power source immediately. While it is all right to use a warm battery, leaving it plugged in could still be damaging in the long-run.

Use the batteries more often

Batteries aren't meant to be stored in a closet, holding its charge for months to come. If you do this often, it will only impair their performance when you finally use them.   

Similar to how foods spoil over a certain period, know that the materials found inside the battery will start to degrade even when not in use. While the battery will degrade eventually, not using it can cause it to deteriorate much quicker. Even if you aren't planning to vape for the day, use the battery for a few moments to stop it from losing power.

Turn off the device when not in use

Most vape devices come with a built-in mechanism where it sits in standby mode when not in use. In this mode, it'll slowly use charge, making it ready for you to take the next drag, especially if you use the vape often. 

If you find yourself not using your vape as often as you thought, switching it off will ensure that the charge lasts for much longer.

Charge before storing batteries

If you're planning to store the battery or put away a vape device with a built-in battery for a while, fully charge them beforehand, as this will slow down the degrading process of the batteries. Of course, be careful when storing for a long time, because an unused battery degrades faster than one used often.

Final words

Be aware that no matter what you do, batteries will start to lose charge after a long time. Nevertheless, by following the tips we've shared with you, you can enjoy much more extended sessions of vaping, not having to worry about replacing the battery any time soon. By keeping your battery healthy, you keep your vape devices healthy too!

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