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3 Simple Tips to Fixing Tank Leaks From Your Vape - Our Beginner's Guide

Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned vaper, it’s common to run into the unpleasantries of a leaky tank at some point in your vaping experience. It’s a frustrating yet common problem that can lead to a sticky mess if you’re outside without any access to a cleaning towel. 

While leaks often smell sweet due to the e-liquid, it is far from a pleasing experience as it can waste precious drops of your e-juice collection. When left unchecked, leaks can even compromise your device’s electric components. 

The Reason Behind Leaky Vape Tanks

For beginners, you don’t have to worry whether you purchased the wrong device as the primary culprit often involves the airflow control valve. A difficult-to-access fill port can also cause the e-juice to drip down into the centre air tube, which then escapes through the tank’s bottom air holes.

Alternatively, leakage can also be due to improper filling techniques. Either way, there are easy steps that can help identify and fix the problem and keep you away from this major headache for the better part of your cloud chasing adventures: 

Tip #1: Check for Faulty Atomizer Coil 

There are times where a manufacturer produces a dud in all devices and components. Sometimes, you may have the unfortunate case of dealing with a faulty atomizer coil straight from the box, which can be the reason behind your tank leaks.

If you find even a single coil out of place, the best way to put an end of wasting your e-liquid is to replace the atomizer coil altogether. If you find that it doesn’t solve the problem, you don’t need to worry as both coils will still be usable for your future builds. 

Tip #2: Double-Check Your Wattage Setting 

Experienced vapers know that the resistance of the atomizer coil and wattage have an inverse relationship, which means that the settings will affect each other one way or another. The higher the resistance, the lower the wattage, and the same goes for the opposite. 

With that in mind, setting the wattage too low can compromise the way the atomizer coil is heated, which means the e-juice will not correctly vaporize. This leads to flooding, gurgling, and leaking. Fortunately, you can quickly fix this by setting the wattage to its proper setting. 

Tip #3: Examine the Airflow Control Valve 

As mentioned above, the airflow control valve is often the primary culprit behind tank leaks, especially for mouth-to-lung hitters. Vapers who want the best mouth-to-lung know that the airflow control valve should be set to the lowest to restrict the tank’s air intake and create a deeper drag. 

However, if the siphoning is too powerful, the e-juice may flood into the atomizer coil and lead to leakage. To that end, loosening the airflow setting down a notch can make a world of difference in resolving the problem. 

In Conclusion: Exploring Different Ways to Prevent and Fix Tank Leaks For a Better Vaping Experience 

Leaky vape tanks can be irritating as not only does it leave you in a messy bind, but it can waste your e-liquid and harm your device in the long run. Fortunately, the list above should help you identify the source of the problem and help fix it for good. 

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