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3 Storage Tips for Preserving Your E-Juice in Hot & Humid Weather - Our Guide

There are various factors that influence an excellent vaping experience. In essence, these are the correct selection of coils for vape tanks, properly maintained vaping devices, and top-quality e-juices. As such, it is vital to monitor the effectiveness of your e-juice storage, especially during hot, humid weather, which can compromise its condition.

Remember that putting your e-juice bottles in refrigerators is a capital offence because it might yield undesirable results to the components inside the e-juice. Here are three other storage tips you should employ to maintain the integrity and efficacy of your vape e-juice:

1) Replace Transparent Bottles with Tinted Ones

Transparent storages are not smart options for your e-juice, especially if you can’t consume them within a short time. They are not ideal for more extended storage since direct sunlight can cause irreparable damage to its contents. You should store them in cool and dry environments. If that’s unavoidable, however, you should store them in tinted bottles instead. The tinted coating helps deter the sun’s rays from penetrating the glass, which preserves the quality of its contents.

2) Seal and Store the E-Juice Bottles

Heat and light are two detrimental enemies of e-juices. However, aside from the mentioned factors, vape users often forget the effects of oxygen on the components of e-juices. Since most e-juice have nicotine content, oxygen can create a chemical reaction with nicotine that forms a compound called cotinine, which is a different compound to nicotine. It lowers the concentration of nicotine in the vape e-juice, which deteriorates its desired effects during consumption.

Additionally, exposing bottles to heat and light expedite the chemical reaction of oxygen and nicotine, which quickens its decay. That’s why it is crucial to seal all bottles safely before storage or ensure that no oxygen can invade the bottles.

3) Keep Bottles Away from Sunlight Heat

The first two tips heavily influence this tip but still needs a worthy mention in case it is not clear. Tinted bottles can only do so much, so it is safer to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. In doing so, you prolong their “freshness.”

You should pinpoint areas of your house that stay cool all-year-round and use that space for storing your e-juice bottles. When you successfully do that, you no longer need to transfer your storage when the season changes frequently. Your basement is usually the safest and most common area that vapers store their e-juice bottle, so use it to our advantage as your vape e-juice storage area.


There are many factors that can destroy the quality of your vaping experience. One is to use a compromised e-juice with deteriorated properties. As such, it is crucial to ensure you maintain excellent practices of storage to prevent them from spoiling, particularly in the summer, when the weather is hot and humid.

Follow the tips above to increase the longevity and maintain the quality of your stored tinted bottles of vape juice. If you need reliable vape kits that come with tinted bottles, check out our UK based selection of products to satisfy your vaping needs.