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3 Things You Should Remember When Filling Your Vape Tank

Although their purposes are a little similar, vapes and cigarettes are very different from one another. With cigarettes, a person only has to light the end to enjoy a puff, while vape devices usually require more steps before they can be used.

For first-time vapers, particularly those who are used to smoking cigarettes, these added steps can be tricky to adjust to. Filling vape tanks with e-juice, for instance, might be an entirely new concept to them.

Nevertheless, any vaper should learn how to properly operate their device to avoid damaging it and enjoy an excellent vaping experience. With that said, here are the things that you should remember when filling your vape tank with e-juice, whether you’re using a typical e-cigarette, MOD, or portable vaporiser:

1. Pour the appropriate amount of e-juice

Overfilling may damage your vape device as it can lead to leakage, clogging, and insufficient airflow. If not addressed immediately, it may overheat your device and affect its overall performance.

On the other hand, underfilling may damage your device as well. It increases the chances of depleting the tank that may eventually burn the coils.

With that said, you should make sure to pour the right amount of e-juice in your vape tank. Remember to avoid overfilling it. If you don’t want the hassle of frequent refilling, you should consider switching to a much larger tank, instead. Another option is to use a stronger flavour of e-juice to lessen your consumption.

2. Find the mouth on your vape tank

One common mistake that first-time vapers commit is filling their tank through the wrong hole. The correct hole is called the mouth and can be located in different places, depending on the vape tank’s design. If you are not sure where the mouth on your device is, make sure to consult a vape expert or review your device’s manufacturer’s guide.

Refilling through any other opening other than the correct one could lead to leakage, overheating, and poor airflow. Before you even start vaping or filling your tank, make it a point to examine your equipment and familiarise yourself with its parts.

3. Prime your coils before vaping

Once you have refilled the tank, you need to remember to prime your coils before you start vaping. Let the e-juice seep into the coils for about five minutes first. Doing so will ensure that the e-liquid saturates the coil, giving you a fuller and richer vape flavour.

If you skip this step, you run the risk of burning the coils as well as the e-juice, leading to a charred and unpleasant taste. It is also likely that you will permanently damage the coils, which means that you will have to replace them.


As with any other device, proper use and maintenance are needed to fully reap the benefits of vaping. Aside from keeping your vape device clean, it is also essential that you use your equipment correctly to protect it from damage. When pouring e-juice into vape tanks, make sure that you pour an appropriate amount through the correct opening. Also, ensure that you prime your coils before vaping to avoid burning the coils and your e-juice.

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