Simple Tips for Avoiding Bitter Vape Juice - Our Guide -

Simple Tips for Avoiding Bitter Vape Juice - Our Guide

For avid vapers, an online vape shop is e-juice Candyland. With hundreds of flavour combinations available on virtual marketplaces, it’s often impossible to cater to only a few favourites. That being said, nothing is more dissatisfying than giving a new flavour the first puff, only to discover it tastes bitter or burnt. This is nothing new to experienced vapers but can be a bother if you aren’t taking heed of these simple tips.

Tip #1 - Prime Your Wick

When dropping a new coil into your tank, it can be all too easy to forget to prime your wick. If your vape is producing a terrible flavour, you can usually chalk it up to a lack of priming. If you aren’t paying close enough attention, you’ll be cashing out on a new e-juice flavour, a pre-made coil replacement, and brand new wick that you don’t actually need.

On the other hand, note that some e-juices contain more sweetener than normal, which can caramelise your wick if it isn’t saturated enough. If this is the case, make sure your cotton isn’t the problem either.

Tip #2 - Steep Your Vape Juice

When e-juice manufacturers send batches out in a hurry to meet market demands, it puts the product at risk of not being properly cured. Some flavour combinations are more complex than others, integrating up to six base flavours together to create one specific profile. Just as steeping your tea results in a more flavourful drink, leaning your e-juice on its side for a few days can help its flavour profiles settle.

Tip #3 - Clean Your Vape Tank Regularly

Without a regular cleaning routine, the buildup in your tank can cloud new flavours as you test them out. Aside from caramelised sugar particles, you’ll also need to watch out for dust, dirt, or even bugs that have made their way into your device. As a base rule, clean your vape tank on a weekly basis to avoid nasty flavours.

Tip #4 - Take Breaks in Between Flavours

If you’ve ever heard of vaper’s tongue, chances are you might’ve already become desensitised to your favourite flavour. If you’re beginning to notice only the bitter taste of nicotine and propylene glycol, take a break. Swap out your flavour for something new or simply have a drink of water in between vaping sessions.

Tip #5 - Adjust Your Device’s Power Settings

Depending on how much power you run into your coils, you could be subjecting yourself to a too-hot edge or dreadful bout of coughing. There is a sweet spot for every specific e-liquid. When it comes to smoking a new flavour, dial your power back a notch and slowly work your way up to what best suits your preferences.


If a new e-juice doesn’t sit well with you, make sure it isn’t an unprimed wick or too-high power settings that may be tainting its flavour. Once you’ve cracked the secret to avoiding bitter vape juice, exploring new flavours becomes a more enjoyable experience.

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