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3 Tips to Successfully Replace Smoking with Vaping

Of all the health-harming habits one can have, smoking has to be one of the most dangerous. They contain all sorts of ingredients and chemicals that do nothing but hurt the body, elevating the risks of cancer and other respiratory diseases. 

Thanks to the advancements in technology, vaping has come up to be the better alternative to smoking. As compared to inhaling noxious smoke and letting tar enter your system, vape devices have paved the way for a “cleaner” recreational activity that still gives you the nicotine—but without the bad chemicals! In fact, it can be the start to the road of recovery to quit smoking altogether to enjoy nicotine in a far safer manner.

With that in mind, if you are trying to quit smoking by using vapes as an alternative, here are some tips for doing so successfully: 

1. Consider the flavours

There is an insane number of e-juice flavours out there. Whether you want something fruity or milky, there is a juice for it! Even if you wanted something that felt like tobacco, there are juices developed with that kind of flavour profile. All you need to do is try out various flavours to learn what you like. 

In other words, experimentation is the key to success here, and fortunately for you, experimenting is quite fun. This makes you look forward to the next vape hit, ensuring your attention does not delve back into smoking.

2. Keep the device charged

The reason you may find yourself smoking often was because it was easy to do. All you had to do was carry a pack of cigarettes and a lighter with you, and you just had to find a spot to smoke. 

Vaping can give you this same level of convenience. With one, you can vape pretty much anywhere you would usually smoke! One significant benefit is that you can even vape inside your home or car without the consequence of the smell hanging around. All you need to make sure to do is that the vape device is charged at all times—so either leave it to charge when not in use or bring around a power bank when on the move!

3. Decide on nicotine strength

Vape juices come in varying nicotine strengths. For example, you can find some liquids at 16mg—which is the normal amount for cigarettes—while you can find ones up to 50mg or even higher for a stronger hit. Note that this amount is for the whole bottle, meaning that you may want a higher number if you’ve been a particularly heavy smoker! We recommend starting at lower dosages first, then slowly increase until you find a satisfying level. 


As we said earlier, vaping is a great way to slow down and even stop smoking altogether. It is a much healthier alternative to smoking—and with it, you can still enjoy the nicotine high you are used to without putting your body at risk of dangerous substances. 

That said, if there is one more tip we can share with you: sit back and enjoy the experience! Remember, there is no point in switching if you are stressing out trying to vape. Enjoyment is invaluable at ensuring you stay away from smoking altogether, and with experimentation and even finding a group of friends to vape with, this is easy to achieve! 

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