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5 Cloud Chasing Tricks to Impress Your Friends With

Want to take your vaping hobby to the next level? It’s time to take on the challenge of cloud chasing. 

Cloud chasing is the act of doing tricks and making shapes with the cloud of vapour exhaled from a vape. It has become so popular that it has gone from party tricks to becoming a competitive event hosted by many vape shops and brands. 

It does, however, begin with learning the tricks with your friends. As such, we have created a list of some tricks you could learn to impress other vapers at your next gathering. With no further ado, here they are:

1. The Dragon

This is a popular trick that actually is more difficult to execute than it looks. The Dragon begins with a long pull from your vape without inhaling. Once your mouth is full of vapour, exhale through the nose with a bit of force while exhaling through the corners of your mouth. This will essentially make you look like an Asian dragon with whiskers. 

2. The Vapor Bubble

For this easy trick you will need two additional things: a paper towel core without the paper towels and soapy water. Take a long pull from your vape, dip the paper towel core into soapy water, and exhale into the roll. Depending on the mixture of your soapy water, you might need to blow gently or slowly. 

This could be especially fun, as it could float around the room. You and your friends could even make it a game and take turns blowing bubbles! 

3. The Vapour Ring

Vapour rings, like smoke rings, are actually more complicated than they look. With a little practice, however, you could be producing rings in no time.

Take a long pull from your vape and inhale the vapour into your throat. Keep your tongue flat in the bottom of your mouth, and towards the back of your throat. Make an O shape with your mouth, and jut your lips out. From there, exhale sharply from your throat; this will resemble a small cough or a short sigh.

4. The Irish Waterfall

Take a decent amount of vapour, but do not inhale. Let the vapour linger in your mouth a little. Slowly open your mouth and push out your jaw. Do not exhale. The vapour should flow out naturally once you make sure to inhale through your nose as the vapour flows out. This is a classic trick, originating even from before vaping, when tobacco was still the norm. 

5. The Atomic Bomb

This is a particularly difficult trick, and involves knowing how to make a vape ring. It involves manipulating the mouth throughout the exhale. After pulling a large amount of vapour from your device, breathe out a portion of it with a large O, and then concentrate the puff through the middle of the O to recreate the shape of an atomic blast. 

Final thoughts

Whether you regularly visit your local vape shop simply to help quit your smoking habit, or are getting into cloud chasing, it helps to know at least one or two party tricks. Knowing even just a few of them can help you make the most out of your device, and can open up a wide world of other juices and possibilities. 

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