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3 Vaping Trends to Know in 2021 - Part 1

Just like other nifty gadgets, vaping continues to evolve to provide a better experience for vapers, going from a novelty device that created a buzz in communities to becoming a full-blown hobby in growing communities worldwide. 

Fast-forward to 2021, and vaping has transformed from being regarded as an alternative to cigarette smoking — the rise of these innovations make vaping a more colourful affair. 

Vaping has become more accessible, easy, and safer throughout the years too. So in 2021, some of the changes you can expect to see will include the following trends shaping the new landscape for cloud chasers, flavour explorers, and more. 

Trending #1: Better Pod Systems 

The introduction of pod systems took the vaping scene by storm since it offered better portability and easier handling, such as the game-changing appearance of JUUL back in 2015. It was popular among new vapers for its straightforward design, though pod systems back in its heydays were limited in power, moddability, and functionality. 

In 2021, pod systems are back with a vengeance with better, stronger, and flexible designs that can deliver mouth-to-lung and a direct-to-lung vaping experience. Newer pod systems retained their best parts, such as their compactness, but married the highlights of mod devices, allowing them to sustain greater battery life and power range. 

Trending #2: Smarter Chipset

A versatile functionality has always set vape devices apart, but now vaping can cater to a deeper level of personalisation since modern models now come with a smart chipset. This allows vapers to connect their vape with their smartphones using a Bluetooth connection, making it easier to stay on top of the vape device’s settings and optimise it according to your desired preference.

Vaping will take on a more flexible form since vapers are free to modify the device’s activity, from temperature control, custom power curves, and other smarter features. 

Trending #3: Improved Battery Life and Charging 

Instead of removing the chunky batteries from the vape devices and charging them separately, most new models now come with a USB port to make charging a more straightforward experience. This allows your vape device to charge just like any other electronic like your mobile phone, removing long waiting times and the hassle of relying on specially-made battery chargers. 

The Bottom Line: Staying on Top of Vaping Trends for Cloud-Chasers in 2021

More vaping trends are sweeping the community in 2021, but while the newer technologies offer distinct purposes, all seem to have one encompassing theme this year: to make the vaping experience simpler, smarter, and smoother for all kinds of vapers moving forward. 

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