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3 Ways to Use the Extra E-Juice Left in Your Vape Tank

Vapers - from connoisseurs to first-timers alike - all have a favorite flavor to use when chasing clouds. Some love to take a deep throat hit with their go-to e-liquid for days on end, but when others find themselves craving for a new taste to vape but are left with excess juice on the tank.

If you’re one of the vapers who want to swap for new flavors without taking the time to vape away from the leftover e-liquid, the tips below should help you ensure your next hit is clean and free from any ghost flavors that can ruin your next cloud chasing adventures.

Simple Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Leftover E-Liquid

Tip #1: Invest in a Tank-Saver Container

If you don’t want to waste a single drop, you can try to keep the remaining e-liquid in a small, separate container. A small squeeze bottle is enough to hold leftover juices, allowing you to clean the tank for the next batch without throwing away your old favorites.

Not to mention, it’s also a perfect solution to lingering juices in your vape tank that the coils find difficult to reach. When you’re done with the new flavor and want a taste of the old one, you can pour the remainder inside again for another hit!

Tip #2: Experiment with Flavors Using a Mix Bottle

If you’re not afraid to play around with a concoction of flavors, why not combine different e-liquids in a separate mixing bottle to create your unique flavors? Granted, the results would be better if you try to combine complementary flavor palettes.

Playing around with flavors allows you to create a cocktail of e-liquids, allowing you to clean your tanks thoroughly and enjoy a world of new flavors.

Tip #3: Put the Remaining Liquid Back in the Original Bottle

If your e-liquid still looks clean, then there’s no harm done in putting back the pre-loved e-juice into its original bottle without compromising the sanctity of its freshness. You also don’t need to make a sticky mess when doing this as most e-liquid bottles come with removable tips, allowing you to pour the leftover juice into the slightly larger opening.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all e-juices, as this is only recommended if you have been vaping the particular e-liquid only for a few days.

The Bottom Line: Making the Most of Every Drop From Your E-Liquid

Cleaning your vape tank in preparation for your next batch of e-juice shouldn’t come at a cost, so the tips above should help veteran and beginner vapers alike to make the most of every drop when switching flavors from one to another.

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