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3 Tips to Ensure Your E-Cig Is Always Properly Charged - Our Guide

Having an e-cig with no more charge can be really annoying. Even if you load up the best vape batteries in the UK, your vape e-cig can still easily be drained out. It’s easy to assign blame to a faulty device in this type of situation, but sometimes, the problem is actually you.

You can be the prime suspect of a juiced-out e-cig. You’re probably not charging it properly or are misusing by leaving it on. You need to be wary about the proper charging of your e-cig and what else can drain out the batteries easily.

Here is a list of e-cig charging tips that every vaper should know about. The goal is to make sure you truly get the most out of every charge and don’t ever get inconvenienced by a drained-out e-cig.

1. Remember the recommended time of charging

Almost every gadget has an appropriate charge time, and the same goes for your e-cig. In fact, you need to be aware of the charge time the very moment you purchase your device. From that point on, you can’t undercharge or overcharge it.

Undercharging the e-cig is impractical, as you will always never finish any vape session. You will be left unsatisfied and have to cut your session short. It’s just downright inconvenient and makes it impossible to fully enjoy vaping.

Overcharging is also another inconvenience and is also dangerous. It can be a fire hazard if the device is left charging overnight. All standard UK vape batteries can also be drained out easily if a series of overcharging continues. Thus, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your e-cig while it’s charging and set a timer for the recommended time.

2. Never leave your e-cig charging in intense sunlight

Aside from the right charging time, you also need to account for the environment that your e-cig is charging in. Ideally, you want to charge it in a dimly lit room that is cool and dry. The same goes for storage, as heat can do more than just drain out or damage vape batteries.

Intense heat can damage the e-juice. It can make it leak out or even burn out the liquid since it is activated through lighting or heat. Charging in the presence of intense heat can also greatly increase the incidence of fire as it can easily combust.

To avoid this, draw the curtains in your room before even thinking about charging the e-cig. Similarly, all vape batteries should be stored in a dark, cool place, like in a bedside cabinet. A proper solution would be to have all your e-cig essentials in a small box tucked safely away from harsh sunlight.

3. Use the recommended charger and battery

Aside from charging in the presence of intense sunlight, there are also recommended chargers that you must use. Due to the prominence of vaping, there are so many variants of chargers and batteries made available in online vape shops. You can easily get overwhelmed by choice, but just remember to read up first before buying.

Luckily, you can easily refer to your e-cig manual for information about your charger and battery. It will talk about the appropriate voltage output and input that you need. Remember to follow this exactly and buy the appropriately made ones. Choosing an incorrect charger or battery can either further damage your e-cig or prevent you from using it at all.


Properly charging your e-cig is an essential aspect of enjoying your vaping experience. If you follow these tips right, you can be assured that no drained-out e-cig can stop you from enjoying the high. Vape responsibly by first charging responsibly!

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