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4 Reasons Why a 50/50 Is the Perfect Balanced Ratio for E-Liquids

Have you ever wondered why most salt-nicotine vape juice available on many vape shops has a 50/50 concentration of VG and PG? These two base ingredients have very different properties that dictate the kind of vaping experience you’re going to have. Read on to find out what the VG/PG ratio is and why it’s essential to keep the right balance of those ingredients.

What does VG/PG mean?

E-liquids are a mixture of varying amounts of four different ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and flavouring. Suppose a particular e-liquid has 10% nicotine and 10% flavouring. That leaves 80% of the liquid for fillers, which dilutes the flavours and nicotine in the mixture. This is where VG and PG come in.

Higher VGs means that the liquid produces more vapour, while higher PGs suggest that the liquid produces more “throat hit” when inhaled. PG also has a higher sensitivity rate for some people, meaning that there are vapers who don’t like PG in their juice.

Why Do Most Liquids Have a Balanced VG/PG Ratio?

Generally, when you see a number like 60/40 or 50/50 on your e-juice bottle, the VG is listed first, followed by the PG. There are many variations on VG/PG levels, but the most common kind found on vape shops is the 50/50 variety, and there’s a reason why that balance is maintained on most liquids.

Reason #1: They’re Designed for Low-Wattage Devices

Pod mods don’t work like those large, heavy, sub-ohm setups that have the ability to choose between different wattage levels. They instead use very low wattage to accommodate salt-based nicotine liquids. Pod mods are all the rage right now because of their portability despite lacking a lot of customisable features.

Reason #2: Different Mods Carry Nicotine in Different Ways

Freebase nicotine is incredibly unstable and is more suited for box mods with adjustable settings. This means you can adjust your device to get a better experience from your freebase nicotine. However, a sub-ohm device can throw off the e-liquid’s ability to carry that nicotine when you fire up your pod mod. That’s why salt-based nicotine, which is a more stable mixture, works well with sub-ohm devices.

Reason #3: A Balanced Ratio Works

A more defining reason why the 50/50 ratio works is that it has the right balance that the majority of vapers enjoy. E-liquids with the right amount of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol provide the user with just enough throat hit and smooth vapour to the richest, cleanest flavour.

Reason #4: It’s All about the Hit, Not the Clouds

With the rise of popularity of pod mods, users are now more appreciative of getting that glorious punch of nicotine. The size and thickness of clouds seem more secondary now than it was before. It’s just not possible to achieve those clouds now because of how low-wattage devices are designed. While there are still those who prefer freebase nicotine with higher VG concentrations, some users just prefer the convenience of carrying a portable pod mod to get their daily fix of nicotine.


Nicotine salts just seem to perform best at a 50/50 ratio, especially with newer pod systems available in the market. These low-wattage mods may hinder your cloud chasing tricks, but it offers a much better vaping experience. 

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