Tips on How to Do Flavour Blending in Salt-Based Vape Juices -

Tips on How to Do Flavour Blending in Salt-Based Vape Juices

More and more people are now getting fascinated with the amazing world of nic salts. If you’re one of those, you can take your nic salt vaping experience to a higher level. How? It’s by flavour blending. It may sound new to you, but you’ll love how experimenting with different flavours can make nic salt vaping extraordinary. 

What is flavour blending?

Flavour blending is the process of blending two different e-liquid flavours to achieve a new flavour. It is pretty simple and straightforward. You don’t have to formulate a new e-juice flavour; you just have to mix existing ones together. 

Flavour blending also allows you to express your creativity. Who knows? You may discover a brand-new flavour that has never been tasted by anyone before. It might even be the next crowd favourite!

Does flavour blending affect your nic salt experience?

Blending flavours won’t negatively affect your nic salt vaping experience. However, your taste buds might not approve of the new flavour, which is the only possible downside.  

Is it okay to blend nic salts with a free-based e-liquid?

Remember that you can’t mix a free-base nic vape juice with a nic salt vape juice. These two are made to be vaped at different levels of wattage. They also need different levels of coil resistance. It’s better not to mix these two, or you’ll end up having a liquid that tastes burnt. 

Free-base nicotine works well at high wattages. On the other hand, nic salt e-juice works better with a low-wattage device. To create an excellent nic salt flavour blend, you should use it with your pod mod system designed for this nicotine type.

Ways on how to blend nic salt e-juice flavour

When flavour blending salt nic e-juice, consider the following tips:

  • Start with something simple

Before you begin making your own formulations of various intense flavours, you can play it safe first. Begin your experiments with the familiar tastes, such as peppermint with chocolate or strawberry with vanilla. Eventually, once you’re already comfortable, you can try creating fantastic blends and be more adventurous with the flavour pairings. 

  • Prepare small batches when you’re starting

It’s not practical to prepare large batches if you’re just starting your new flavour experiments. Let yourself get thrilled with small portions of concoctions. It is also safe to do to ensure you’ll not waste too many ingredients. Once a recipe is finalised, you can start making large batches.

  • Avoid overwhelming your palate

Too much flavour can overwhelm your palate. Tasting too many flavours may cause our taste buds to get tired and not function properly. Always make sure to blend flavours in moderation, combining only a few flavours at a time.


Flavour blending can indeed make your vaping session a whole new exciting experience. You can try to satisfy your salt nic craving while enjoying the great tasting flavour blends. Start simple, continue learning and keep on practising. Experiment with different combinations using the wide array of flavours from your favourite vape shop!

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