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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Optimal Vaping Experiences

There's no denying the wonderful experiences that come with vaping. Just think about the different vape devices and accessories, exploring various e-liquid flavours, and experimenting with different techniques, whether mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL). These are the reasons many people have switched from smoking to vaping, turned it into a hobby, and joined other vaping enthusiasts in their local community.

After jumping into this bandwagon, keep in mind that there are a few things you must be wary of that might compromise your experience and impact others as well. Read on to find out the five common mistakes to avoid when it comes to vaping:

1. Getting vape juice from unreliable sources

This is the most vital consideration in the world of vaping. Seeing that there are several negative health cases associated with it, you must be wary of where you source out your e-liquid products. The chances are that they come from unknown or unreliable manufacturers that don't follow health and safety guidelines. When consumed, they might be detrimental to your health which will be worse than if you were smoking. For this reason, be sure to obtain supplies only from highly reputable sources.

2. Not cleaning your tank and having flavour ghost

Another mistake to avoid is savouring what is called flavour ghost that will degrade your vaping experience. This happens when you fail to thoroughly clean your tank and instantly fill another e-juice in it. As a result, the residue left behind gets mixed with the new vape juice—hence the flavour ghost taste. If you're unlucky enough, the flavour can be very unpleasant that will compel you to toss it out and end up wasting your e-juice. If you want to stay away from unpleasant experiences, be sure to clean your tank by scrubbing it with hot, soapy water and rinsing well before switching to another e-juice.

3. Taking a dry hit

If you've been into vaping for many years now, you should know how unpleasant a dry hit is, and it's one thing that most vapers try to avoid at all costs. For the uninitiated, it is a burnt cloud directed straight into your lungs. This occurs when the vape's cotton isn't saturated with e-juice due to a wicking issue, a coil with high wattage, or an empty tank. Because of this, you must always put the e-juice on the coil and ensure sufficient saturation to avoid experiencing a dry hit.

4. Overconsuming the nicotine

When it comes to vaping, there is nothing more not pleasurable than experiencing a nicotine hangover. This typically happens when you've overdone and overconsumed the substance. If you're fairly new in the world of sub-ohms, be sure to practice extra caution. The best course of action is to take your short fill e-liquid and top it up with a minimum nicotine level and add more over time!

5. Humiliating the newbies

If you’ve been vaping for many years, it’s never acceptable to humiliate those who are just starting! The ultimate goal is to encourage them to explore the best of what vaping can offer. You should foster a welcoming community and take everyone’s experiences up a notch!


At this point, you now know five mistakes you must avoid—buying vape juice from unreliable sources, having a flavour ghost, taking a dry hit, overconsuming the nicotine, and humiliating newbies. By staying away from all these, you'll be able to boost your vaping experience and foster a healthy vaping community!

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