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A Beginner Vaper's Guide to Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

For any new vaper, it can be easy to believe that enjoying a device and hitting on some e-juice merely entails putting one’s mouth on a device, pushing a button, and ripping away. Well, it’s a fair assumption, but it isn’t entirely correct.

Whether you’re someone who’s well-acquainted with the nuances of vaping technology or looking to stop a harmful smoking habit, it pays to learn about how to vape properly. Sure, you might think that you know how to vape since you’ve had your device for a while now, but here’s an essential question to ask: do you really know how to vape?

Breaking down the concept of technique

A big part of the vaping experience that goes more unnoticed at times is that there are different ways to hit and puff.

Beyond picking out the right mods to work with and having the best juice to smoke, the technique used for hitting a vape needs to be considered because it affects satisfaction. From juice-heavy approaches that are scientific in how they deal with VG/PG ratios to mod-reliant techniques, the way you vape completely changes your experience.

Among the different aspects of prime vaping experiences and techniques that you’ll need to consider, however, this is a specific one that you may know less about: Mouth-to-Lung vaping.

What is it?

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) is a vaping technique that delivers a different kind of experience based on how it allows the body to interact with the vape juice and device.

With this specific technique, you inhale the vapour from a device right into your mouth and hold it in for a moment before inhaling the smoke into your lungs and exhaling it. By holding the vapour on your mouth for a few seconds, you allow your body to acclimate to the temperature and let the flavours of your favourite e-juice linger for a while on your taste buds.

This technique is generally recommended for newbies and former smokers because it’s similar to how cigarettes are smoked. When you use this technique, you’ll find that the flavour of your e-juice and its nicotine content settle in much better as opposed to a standard (or rather, uninformed) technique.

Do you need specific equipment to reap the benefits of this technique?

When it comes to maximising the benefits of MTL vaping, it’s crucial to consider that the equipment you work with does matter in determining the whole experience. For optimal vaping experiences, there’s one item you’ll need to invest in: your tank.

Let’s go over the component in further detail:

The tank

For the most part, tanks that are used for MTL vaping are recommended to be at least 1.0 ohms or higher and need to have high ohms coils for great flavour and nicotine absorption.

Running on a modest 15 to 20 watts, the device ensures that a serving of juice will be heated at an optimal temperature so that the mouth and lungs don’t end up getting burnt by hot vapour. At the same time, the use of high ohms coils rated for 1.0 ohms or higher will help deliver flavours in the best way possible while breaking down the nicotine for quicker absorption!

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If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your vape juice, bring out amazing flavours, and enjoy every drop of nicotine, then mouth-to-lung vaping is what you’re looking for. Through this guide’s help, you’ll ensure that you’re making even more out of your favourite mod-tank set-up with no frills at all!

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