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5 Easily Solvable Mistakes New Vapers Do - What to Know

Unlike smoking typical cigarettes, you need prior knowledge before using vapes to ensure proper performance and safe usage. It’s normal, however, for new vapers (in some cases, experienced ones too) to commit mistakes that can compromise their health.

Here are five easily solvable mistakes new vapers do:

1. Not asking for advice 

Ideally, neophyte vapers should ask for advice on which model and vape juice best suits their needs. For sure, your local vape shop is more than willing to share their expertise with a neophyte. If you act like you already know stuff, they would think you’re experienced and give you what you requested without asking any questions.

Vape manufacturers have developed kits with increased functionality by introducing newer vape kits and vape set-ups that were not previously available. With that said, you might risk buying a vape with pre-filled cartridges and get confused when it no longer functions after the juice runs out.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help so that you’ll be off to a good start with vaping.

2. Upgrading models too quickly

People like what they don’t have. If you’re new, the chances are high that the vape shop staff would recommend you with the most basic model that requires the least amount of technical knowledge. That becomes a problem when you see someone with a shinier, bigger, and better vape kit than yours.

Remember that the person owning that vape kit has solid knowledge with the basics of vaping and the technicalities of more advanced models of vape devices. Remember, more advanced vape kits need to be handled by someone with a firm vaping experience. Otherwise, you risk jeopardising your money and health when you do something wrong.  

3. Using the vape improperly

Vape usage doesn’t work like cigarettes—where you light the end and huff and puff until the light reaches the other end. For vapes, it requires a more detailed checklist to ensure you don’t destroy your vape device.

If your vape is not working as it should, it could be due to problems with the dryness of your coils or wicked parts. In some cases, you might get the attachment wrong or put insufficient vape juice on the wick. Remember to pay close attention to the orientation by the vape shop staff. That is also the reason that newbies shouldn’t go for more complicated models yet as these require more attention to detail.

4. Buying cheap poor-quality products

If you want affordable vape and juices, you might compromise the quality. Remember that price is a massive determinant of a vape product’s quality, which means that cheaper products are more likely to break down faster. More affordable vape devices might cause you problems—including issues with the vapour flavour and vapour production. That’s why it is best to invest in good-quality products that vape shop staff recommends.

5. Puffing like a smoker

Puffing a vape is different from smoking a cigarette. You don’t need to put too much effort into huffing a vape, unlike tobacco. Play with the vapour a little, and let it stay on your mouth for a whisk of the flavour.


Vaping looks complicated at first, but you need to remain open and soak information like a sponge when the vape shop staff recommends and educate you on possible options.

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