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Our Guide to Vape Juice Nicotine Strength - What to Know

If you have been vaping for a while now, you might notice that most vape juices are equally potent in terms of nicotine content. These vape juices are typically on the ratio of 50 VG per 50 PG. Most vapers are okay with that ratio. However, some people can’t stand that ratio and want something more potent. They might be heavy smokers trying to reform or people who developed resistance to nicotine through continuous usage of the standard dosage.

V8PR is unlike other online vape shops. It is one of the few vape shops in the UK that sell vape e-juice with a more potent and customised dosage. Each vaper has his own ratio of vape juice that best hits the “sweet spot.” V8PR knows that and offers a wide variety of options to enable customers to enjoy the delicious flavours of vape juice at a strength that the user will love.

Different Ratio Means Different Effects

Vape manufacturers typically limit the ratio to 50-50 because any concentration above that does not affect overall vaping experience. However, some enthusiasts claim that the varying VG and PG concentration levels have an impact on their experience—at least, that is what they say. If you’re willing to test out their beliefs, you can explore the different vape juice concentrations available at our shop.

The vape juice ratio typically deals with VG (vegetable glycine) and PG (propylene glycol). The strength of the” hit” of vape juice depends on the concentration of propylene glycol. The higher the level of PG, the harder the blow when you take a huff. V8PR currently offers three vape juice concentrations: 100PG, 75PG-25VG, and 50PG-50VG. Try out each variant to determine which best targets your sweet spot. Consult with the vape shop staff to have a more in-depth discussion of the vape juice components.

  • 100PG-0VG (Full PG)

This concentration contains nothing but 100 per cent pure propylene glycol without any trace of vegetable glycerin. It is typically loved by vapers who want the powerful “hit” that PG includes during a huffing. The characteristics of this vapour tend to be on the thinner side of the spectrum with low-volume output. However, enthusiasts say that the nicotine hit is more potent compared to the other variants.

  • 75PG-25VG

This variant lies between the pure PG variant and the common 50-50 variant. The 75-25 ratio is perfect for those who want to feel the effects of nicotine but can’t fathom the throat-hitting effects of pure PG. It has a bolder flavour than 50-50 with substantial vapour volume to fill your lungs than pure PG.

  • 50PG-50VG

This mix is the most popular for a good reason—it has the mildest throat-hitting effects among the three options, but substantial enough to cause an impact. The best part with this variant is you get to enjoy the full flavour of the vape juice with the most amount of vapour production. Vape performers typically pick this variant for their performances as this crates a thick cloud that doesn’t quickly disperse.


The best way to know which variant best suits your needs is to try each one to see which option offers the best experience. You can receive recommendations, but ultimately the choice is yours to make since it is your experience and satisfaction at stake.

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