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5 Myths About E-Cigarettes and the Truth Behind Them

Do not believe everything you hear, whether that be about someone boasting about their newest achievement or warning you to stop something. Sometimes, what they might be saying is true. However, you never really know until you put the time to do a little research and check it out for yourself.  

With that said, there are many things people say about e-cigarettes. For instance, people say the addiction to such a device can lead to smoking, or that the water vapour is just as dangerous as regular cigarette smoke.

Are any of these true? Let us dispel some of the myths that surround e-cigarettes to get to the truth. 

1. E-cigarettes contain antifreeze

You should know that antifreeze is a toxic compound, and no e-cigarette in the world will contain this. You might be wondering, then, why would people even say this? That is because they mix up propylene glycol with ethylene glycol.

Propylene glycol, also known as PG, is a substance in e-cigs used in the vape juice. They are perfectly safe and are found in many medications and food items. On the other hand, ethylene glycol is the substance found in antifreeze, which is toxic. Because they sound somewhat similar, people end up confusing the two.

2. E-cigarettes are prone to exploding

It is a fact that e-cigs have exploded in the past. However, this is extremely rare, and the cause is not the actual device itself. Instead, it is because of the improper use and care by the user. Poor battery maintenance, for example, can lead to such an unfortunate incident. 

Fortunately for you, such cases can easily be avoided by correctly caring for your e-cigs and also purchasing high-quality devices. Put simply, by being responsible, you can stop this from happening entirely.

3. E-cigarettes lead to smoking

Many people say that those who start vaping will eventually smoke. The opposite is true, and for the better. Those who begin smoking have realized the harmful effects of it and have turned to vape for a healthier alternative. While some have indeed turned from vaping to smoking, it is not a frequent occurrence.

Note that even if you have turned to vape for a healthier alternative to taking in nicotine, too much is never good. Therefore, it is still vital that you vape responsibly.

4. E-cigarettes are more addictive than smoking

There is no evidence to prove that e-cigs are more addictive compared to smoking. The reason many people vape a lot is because of the myriad of flavours the juices come in, encouraging them to try more. 

5. E-cigarettes are mysterious devices

They are only a mysterious device if you have not done your research. With a little reading, you will know all the ins and out of the device. You can also ensure that your device is fully explained and demystified by buying from a reputable company.


Unfortunately, many of these myths have prevented some from trying out vaping, whether it is to switch from smoking or try a new hobby. However, since you now know that they are all false, you can go ahead and enjoy vaping to its fullest extent! You can also now educate those who want to know more about this exciting hobby.

Just note that, once again, you must be responsible when doing it. This means that you should properly care for your device and only vape in areas that allow smoking. This way, you will stay away from trouble and can enjoy vaping without any issues.

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