How Not to Lose the Juice: Tips for Keeping E-Liquids Fresh -

How Not to Lose the Juice: Tips for Keeping E-Liquids Fresh

E-liquids are a consumable product, which means that they do have optimal storage conditions and expiration dates just like any other consumable. If you are just getting into vaping products, you are probably aware of the amazing range of e-liquids and their flavour varieties. This is something that gets people into the wonderful world of vapes, and who can blame them? One day you can be vaping a candy flavoured juice, and then another time it can be a coffee e-liquid. With a wide array of products and e-liquids, it is highly likely that you will end up amassing a collection of juices and mods to satisfy your cravings.

It is noted that e-liquids do have to be stored correctly to maintain their flavours and their condition, as improper storage can cause them to expire before their set date. With some flavours turning outright disgusting with wrong storage, you’ll find that you have wasted a perfectly good bottle of juice. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips to keep vape juices in tip-top shape:

Remember The Trifecta Of Vape Juice Killers

The three things that affect the flavours and condition of your juice are heat, sunlight, and oxygen. Remember that vape juices have multiple ingredients, and these ingredients often have reactive properties, especially when exposed to heat. When these ingredients react with one another, the flavour properties get disrupted, which in turn cause them to taste different. Because of this, you would want to keep the juices out of direct sunlight and kept in a cool, dry place to prevent premature ageing.

Oxygen is another enemy of e-liquid freshness, but unlike the first two, this one is an inevitable force. Even full bottles of liquid have oxygen at the top, with the ratio of oxygen to liquid changing as the juice is used. Adding sunlight to the equation energises oxygen molecules, causing them to react with the nicotine in the bottle. So long story short, keep the bottles away from the trifecta to have them last longer.

Choose Glass Bottles Over Plastic Whenever Possible

When buying vape juices, make sure the plastic bottle used is high quality, or if you can find one for your preferred flavour: a glass bottle. Lower-grade plastics are normally more permeable to the external air, which can deteriorate the taste. Plastics may also have reactive properties with the liquids, causing them to change the taste because of the nature of plastic products. Glass, on the other hand, is not as permeable as plastic, which makes it the superior choice for vape juice storage.

Consider The Storage Time Of The E-Liquid

If you are fond of the e-liquid flavour you have on hand and you know that it will be consumed in a few days to a week, storing the bottle in a cupboard away from the trifecta will be enough to maintain the freshness.

However, if you plan to set aside a flavour for a longer period of time, such as a hard to find one that you plan to save, it is best to store these bottles in the fridge. This will keep their molecules from reacting from one another, therefore saving the flavours and keeping them fresh for up to a few months.

Remember To Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Remember that most of these e-liquid bottles have colourful designs and packaging that look extremely tasty to children. They may not be aware that these liquids are not food and accidentally ingest them because of how great they smell. When this happens, nicotine poisoning can occur due to the concentrated amounts of it in the liquids. Keep this in mind when storing liquids when you have children around.


The trick to keeping your e-liquids fresh is simple. Store them as you would store a perishable good, and they should last long enough. Remember these simple tips to keep your juices in good condition for use, and don’t forget to vape responsibly!

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