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5 Places Where Vaping Is Incredibly Expensive

Here in the UK, vaping can help you save a lot of money, especially if you were a heavy smoker previously. With as little as £10, you can get started with vaping, and within a month, you can expect to pay as low as £30—which is definitely much better than what you spent on smoking before! 

Compared to smoking, £30 can buy you around two packs of cigarettes—which is arguably not enough for the average smoker. In other words, if you are looking for a way to lay off smoking and do something that is arguably much healthier for the body, vaping is your go-to option! 

Unfortunately, vaping's cost-saving benefits are not valid in all countries. There are some places in the world that can cost you much more to vape as compared to smoking. In this article, we will list them down to give you a bit of an idea about the vaping communities around the world.

1. USA

Generally, vaping is quite affordable in the US. However, if you find yourself in Minnesota, the story is quite different! Although the various states in the US have some form of state-imposed taxes, the tax in Minnesota is nearly 100% of the product's wholesale cost. In other words, you are effectively paying double for vaping products here.

2. Kenya

In Kenya, you can expect to pay up to £20 for a device, not to mention £13 for a refill! In relation to the country's local currency, this translates to 3000 shillings for a vape device and another 2000 shillings for the cartridges. This is a whole lot higher than the £0.30 for a pack of cigarettes. This is all due to the insanely high taxes imposed on vaping products.

3. Finland

Finland is well-known in Europe as a land of laws and regulations. Unfortunately for vapers there, it has translated to incredibly high taxes on vaping products! 

A vape device there will easily cost you £20, but this is where it is actually cheap. What is more expensive than that is the vape juices you will find there! For a standard 10ml bottle, you can pay up to £10. It does not help to know that the flavours are also restricted to tobacco flavours—which is something that not all vapers can appreciate.

4. Portugal

In Europe, Portugal has the highest taxes you can find. A 10ml bottle here can easily cost £7. This may not sound too bad, but when you realise that the population here is making below-average wages as compared to the rest of its surrounding countries, then it becomes outrageously expensive!

5. Australia

The summer heat is not the only thing that is high in Australia. So is the cost to vape, where you can expect to pay £30 for a starter device, not to mention up to £50 for a standard vape. With e-liquid, you can expect to pay £5, which is arguably affordable. However, all legal e-liquids are nicotine-free!

If you are caught vaping nicotine e-juice, do not be surprised if you are fined £25,000 for it.


There are many other countries where vaping is expensive. However, the reason it is expensive can differ. For some, it can be that prices are higher—whereas for others, the fines for getting caught vaping is excessively high! 

As such, if you are planning to travel anywhere, always do your research if you plan to vape on the go. This way, you can avoid trouble that can leave you financially burdened. In fact, in some of these places like Singapore, a fine might be the least of your worry. Stay away from trouble and do your research before taking that hit! 

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