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5 Places Where You Can and Cannot Vape - What to Know

By now, you’ve probably already heard of vaping, especially as it’s become a mainstream hobby. These days, people who are into vaping take their vaping hobby wherever they go to enjoy it. However, issues have cropped up where vapers have become unsure of where they can vape and where they cannot. If you are a vape lover, you know that the cloud you blow out isn’t harmful to anyone. Unfortunately, for those who don’t vape, they might not know this and consider the vapour just as bad as cigarette smoke. Because of this, it’s essential for you to understand vaping etiquette, or more specifically where you can and cannot vape.

1. Public Transportation

Can you vape when taking a ride in public transportation? It depends. If there is a definite "no smoking" policy on said transportation, you can safely assume that vaping is also not allowed. Even if there aren't any hard rules, it’s usually best if you put away your vape until you leave the transport. 

2. Public Areas

While you can vape in most public areas since they are open, the "no smoking" policy will still apply to you. Also, be wary of where you vape. If it is near a place such as a children's playground, you might want to take your vaping session somewhere a bit further away.

Put simply, if you want to vape in public areas, you can do so a little more freely, but continue to be considerate.

3. Private Businesses

When you are in private businesses such as restaurants and shops, keep an eye out for a "no smoking" policy.

However, if you do not see such a sign, you will still need to be a little careful. To make sure, ask a staff member if it is okay to vape. If it is, try to keep it discreet still. In other words, just because you can vape does not mean you can blow huge clouds of smoke into other people's faces. Remember, treat it like a cigarette—would you like it if people just looked at you and blew smoke into your face? 

4. Home

If you are home all alone, then you can do whatever your heart wishes. One puff? Ten puffs? The choice is yours. However, if you have someone else in the home with you, especially guests, it’s a whole different story.

If you have someone over for a visit and you want to vape, you should always ask them if they are alright with it. If you do not want to bother asking, you can still head outside for a quick vape and come back in. Of course, if they are vape lovers like you, then go ahead and enjoy!

5. Around Kids

Would you smoke around the kids? You would not! The same applies to vapes, meaning that if you are near kids, you should never, ever vape. This will also apply to pets, meaning that if you are handling a dog, cat, or any other animal, do not vape near or around them.


Simply put: use your common sense when it comes to vaping. Treat it like a cigarette, meaning that if there is anywhere that follows the "no smoking" policy, or is generally an area where smoking is usually not taken well, don't whip out your vape and start taking a drag. Not only do you give yourself a bad image, but it hurts the reputation of the vaping community as well. 

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