Vaping Tips: 4 Tips to Ensure the Health of Your Pets - Our Guide -

Vaping Tips: 4 Tips to Ensure the Health of Your Pets - Our Guide

Vaping is an incredibly relaxing hobby—not just for the nicotine fix, but the routinary mod fixes and set-ups are fun to mix and match. Regular vapers have become quite immune to the effects of the billowing vapour, but those in our surroundings may still be put at risk.

There has yet to be any definitive conclusion as to the harmful effects of vaping, but as with anything that has nicotine, it can still contribute to nicotine poisoning. The amount of nicotine that can course through your body depends on a number of factors, among which are size, age, and general health.

While you may be largely safe from the more serious effects of vaping, your pets, on the other hand, aren’t as protected. To ensure their 100% safety, follow through on these four simple tips to protect the health of your pets.

Beware of e-liquid spills

E-liquid contains nicotine, which more often than not is in amounts that are directly harmful to your pets. Ingesting it can cause nicotine poisoning, so being aware of e-liquid spills is necessary to ensure the safety of your pet.

Some containers are prone to leaking when tilted, which can also be the same for your vape mod. Even small puddles of e-liquid on the floor can be big threats if your pet is curious enough to lick it.

Keep vaping implements out of reach

Your e-liquid container, vape mod/pen/pod, or even your vape accessories are prime targets for your pets to bite on. Our pets are naturally curious, seeing something that is small can cause them to take a bite at it—risking your device to break.

If your mod breaks, then the small parts can become ingestible—possibly causing some internal wounds. Likewise, should your e-liquid container rupture, your pet can ingest the e-liquid—which could ultimately lead to nicotine poisoning.

Don’t exhale your vapour towards your pets

With smoking, second-hand smoke is a pretty big deal for the people in your immediate surroundings. Although there have been no concrete findings as to the effect of second-hand vapour on the people and animals in your surroundings, it is still unwise to take that risk. Too much vapour in the air could still make your pets sick—possibly even contributing to the onset of pneumonia.

Don’t use fake or off-brand vaping accessories

While it may seem like all mods and accessories are the same, there actually is some purpose as to buying “branded” vaping implements. Vape parts and mechanisms require a great deal of technical expertise to craft in order for it to work properly.

Poorly made ones might be cheap but are prone to breaking—which is the least of your problems. These can improperly burn your e-liquid and cause unseen damage to your lungs due to improper burning. More than that, they can heat up rapidly, causing the internal battery to explode. Not only will buying legitimate products save your life, but it could also help avoid the risk of your pets getting in the perimeter of the blast zone.

To ensure that your products are safe and legitimate, buying from a reputable vape shop in the UK is the best option. Get in touch with us today and find the best vape mods and accessories that fit your lifestyle.