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5 Practical Tips to Help You Save More on E-liquids - Our Guide

If you have been a smoker for many years now, then you likely know the benefits of vaping—it is a good alternative to cut down on your nicotine intake and an alternative to save you more money. On the other hand, whether you’re vaping because you quit smoking tobacco or it’s for recreational purposes only, vaping can cost you some money especially if you vape a lot, which would make you buy more e-liquids. The same goes for people who want to try every juice flavour on the market. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can save money as you enjoy your vaping experience: 

Consider Retro Vaping

Go back to the basics because it is the most efficient and lasts longer. This is when you get higher nicotine that consumes less power, meaning you get to use less e-liquid. Additionally, it can lengthen your vaping machine’s batteries; although, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the simplicity of it all!

Increase Nicotine Level

Do you find yourself vaping a lot but you’re not getting 100% satisfaction out of it? This is probably why you’re consuming a lot of e-liquid more than usual. You can address this by increasing your nicotine level, and you will be able to satisfy yourself without consuming too much juice in one go. 

Have Another Device

If you’re one of the many vapers who have huge devices for that cloud of smoke, well, you can’t really do this when you’re at work, right? To save more on e-liquid, consider getting another device that you can use during the day instead. That way, you will only consume a small amount of juice during the day, which can save you more money!

Address Leaks Immediately

Leaking vaping devices are common because of incorrect filling or overfilling. However, if your device still leaks despite the proper way of filling, you must get it fixed right away. Leaks usually are strong indicators of tank damage, which can cause other issues aside from wasted e-liquid. You can try cleaning it with a paper towel and replacing the tank if the leak continues.

Keep Track Of Your E-Juice Usage

If you want to save more on e-juice, you need to keep track of how much you consume it. When you know the numbers, it’ll be easier for you to find opportunities where you can cut back. An effective way to do this is to track your intake in a week. It’s also a good idea to give yourself some breaks in between, especially if you notice that you constantly have your device in your hand. 


It’s natural to feel the need to buy as many e-liquids available. After all, there are plenty of flavours to try out in today’s market. Newer options on the market can be tempting, but know that e-juices can cost you some money as well. If you want to cut back on your expenses and you feel that a lot of your money goes into vaping, it’s time to explore ways where you can cut back. 

Another way to save more money on vaping is to ensure you have high-quality products with you at all times. Invest in good quality devices and e-liquids and make sure you get them from a reliable vape shop here in the UK. 

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