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Why You Should Give Vaping a Try in 2021: What to Know

As we're about to end a crucial and challenging year, we're looking forward to what the coming 2021 has in store. On a global scale, everyone is hoping that the COVID-19 crisis will finally come to an end. But on a personal level, many people will likely come up with some plans and resolutions given the time they’ve been restricted this challenging year. Some may probably think about travelling to places, getting back on track with their business, or even quit smoking.

If you are thinking of giving smoking up, have you ever thought about switching to vaping instead? With vaping, you'll earn some benefits that you never knew were available. In this article, we will share four sensible reasons you must give vaping a try in 2021:

1. A great alternative to smoking

It's common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health. Burning through a pack of cigarettes regularly can lead to quite a number of health issues, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, and even premature ageing. Also, smokers are often susceptible to serious lung-related diseases, such as pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and even lung cancer. However, the problem is that giving up smoking is quite hard to do. This is where vaping comes into the picture, which has a lesser impact on your health.

2. Less addictive

There's no denying that smoking is indeed addictive, which makes it a lot harder for people to give it up. This is because cigarettes are infused with chemicals deliberately designed to keep people hooked to them. Yet, it's not just nicotine that smokers are fighting against—but also all other chemicals. What's good about vaping is that it is only nicotine that's the addictive chemical, which means that vaping is a lesser addictive choice than smoking.

3. Less nicotine

Sure, you may not be able to get away with nicotine due to the cravings brought by years of smoking. But when you try vaping, it will help you gradually manage your nicotine dependence and eventually eliminate the craving. This is because vape juices come in various nicotine levels that allow you to slowly reduce your intake to make it easy for you to quit.

4. Cheaper option

Because of the detrimental effects, the prices of smoking have soared in recent years. For this reason, it's a good idea to switch in vaping instead and quit vaping altogether. Sure, you may have to invest in a vape device at the beginning, whether a pen or mod, but you'll be surprised at how it will help you save up in the long run. The chances are that you'll only have to spend on and stock e-liquid flavours from time to time. But for the most part, it's a much cheaper option than smoking!


At this point, you now know why it pays to opt for vaping this exciting and hopeful 2021. As outlined above, it is a great alternative to smoking, is less addictive, contains less nicotine, and is a cheaper option. 

Along with these benefits are the fun and excitement that come with exploring various e-liquid flavours, experimenting with different techniques, and joining a community of fun-loving vapers. With all these valuable benefits, you have all the right reasons to quit smoking for good and enter the world of vaping!

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