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5 Simple Ways to Get Mileage From Your E-Cigarette

A new, top-of-the-line e-cigarette can come with a hefty price tag, so being careful with it should be a priority. You don’t want to keep buying a new unit from your vape shop every month, so you should take good care of your tools. No matter how fine the components are, any e-cig will break down if you do not invest in its maintenance.

Here are five things you should remember to keep your e-cigarette in great shape:

Always clean or replace your atomizer coils

When you start to notice a burnt taste when you smoke, your atomiser coils likely need replacing or cleaning. Check your coil for build-up or corrosion to know if this is the case.

Some people just up and buy a new unit when this happens, but it is not always the best solution. Sometimes all your coil or wick needs is a rinse in warm water. Other times, you need to replace it entirely. You can ask a specialist at your favourite vape shop to take a look.

Check your e-cigarette once a week

As time passes and you use your e-cigarette, the liquid gets sticky and collects dirt and grime. To prevent this from affecting your smoking experience, take your unit apart regularly to check for build-up. Do this at least once a week, and more if you use your e-cig often.

Using warm water and soap, clean and rinse the tank thoroughly and leave it to dry. Then, wipe off the other components of the device with paper towels or cotton swabs dampened with warm water. Not washing your e-cig affects the taste and function of the e-juice and may cause permanent damage in some instances.

Prime your coils before using the device

Put a few drops of e-liquid on the coils or wicks of your atomiser. Wait until these soak up the juice before smoking. Moistening the coils in this way gives the liquid time to warm properly when you heat your device. Priming also helps prevent overheating.

Furthermore, priming should be a part of your routine when you buy a new device. It will help the flavour to come out better when you start a new session. You can also shake your device before using it to get the coils damp.

Avoid draining the battery completely

One of the biggest contributors to shortening an e-cig’s life is the battery getting destroyed. If it stops charging correctly and it has a built-in battery, you need to get a new unit. For e-cigs with removable batteries, it is much less of an issue, but having to replace a battery every month or so is an unnecessary expense.

It is common for e-cigs to use lithium-ion batteries. These types of cells overheat quickly, and should not be left turned on and idle for long stretches.

Avoid overheating your device

Use your e-cig with care. Do not press the button heating up the cigarette for too long, as this causes the device to overheat. Take shorter drags, especially during long sessions. This also goes for an e-cig that automatically turns on as you take a puff.

It also helps to wait in between drags to let the device cool down before firing up the heat. At least 30 seconds in between each drag is ideal for extended sessions.


E-cigarettes are relatively fragile, so it’s crucial to take special care to protect it from heat, wear, and tear. Having a regular maintenance routine will help to prolong your device's life and ensure you get as much as possible out of it.

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